This is the first prototype of programmable text rendering for musical expression. Press Play button below and wait for a few seconds. More demos are available at

Programmable Text Rendering is a web based font rendering system that is programmable and enables interactive temporal typography. This is made in order to have text on a web browser that respond to music, audio signal and user interaction. With the programmable temporal typography, we turn plain text into a highly audiovisual medium and a musical interface which is visually expressive.

Related Papers

  • Web-Based Temporal Typography for Musical Expression and Performance .
    Sang Won Lee, Georg Essl.
    In Proceedings of the New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME) 2015, Baton Rouge, United States
  • Hooking up Web Audio to WebGL Typography .
    Sang Won Lee, Georg Essl.
    Demo Accepted in Web Audio Conference
More demos are available at