This work was done in collaboration With Ajay Srinivasamurthy, Gregoire Tronel, Weibin Shen

TOK! is a mobile application that utilize mobility(light-weight) of mobile phone. In TOK!, we use mobile phones as drumsticks to make acoustic sounds by tapping this handheld device on any flat surface.

TOK! lets users share a musical score over the bluetooth network among 2 to 4 players so that novice users can make percussive music both in collaborative and competitive manners.

The first sketch of TOK!

TOK! prototype GUI


  • Tok! : A Collaborative Acoustic Instrumentusing Mobile Phones (paper).
    Sang Won Lee, Ajay Srinivasamurthy, Gregoire Tronel, Weibin Shen, Jason Freeman.
    In Proceedings of the New Instruments for Musical Expression (NIME) 2012, Ann Arbor, MI. USA

Related Video (video produced by Weibin Shen)