It’s a Whole ‘nother Medium

This week’s reading in the New Media Faculty Seminar: Awakening the Digital Imagination, is from Bob Viola’s “Will There Be Condominiums in Data Space.”

I found the excerpt a bit challenging to comprehend as a whole, but I did pull out several points of interest and intersections with my current classes, work, or interests.

This work from 1995 already recognized what is only recently getting much attention on the fronts of “information overload” and forgetablity. “… the ability to forget has become a prized skill” articles enlightening some critics of temporally-limited message/media sharing tools (e.g. Snapchat) point out that far more than enabling “sexting” Snapchat gives users the right to be forgotten.

Viola suggests that,

“[o]ur cultural concept of education and knowledge is based upon the idea of building something up from aground, from zero, and starting piece by piece to put things together, to construct edifices. It is additive. If we approach this process form the other direction, considering it to be backwards, or subtractive, all sorts of things start to happen.”

I am not sure that I agree with him, that we treat education as if we’re starting from nothing. Much of positivist-dominated science holds in its very epistemological foundation and methodologies that there exists some truth and we have to discover it, chisel away at the rock that hides that inner grain of truth.

Later Viola marvels at novel interactions with and usages of video. This made me think of several things that I’ll list here:

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