Computational Thinking: W.T.F.?


In my presentation, “Computational Thinking: What are the Fundamentals?” I give my definition of Computational Thinking and review very limited prior work (this is but one talk in a semester-long seminar about CT, in which we review much more of the literature):

I then problematize some approaches to CT, and lend my support to another.

Download my presentation here: Computational Thinking: what are the Fundamentals?


Relevant to one of our previous classes:

One thought on “Computational Thinking: W.T.F.?

  1. Lauren Pressley Reply

    I have to say I laughed out loud at the title for this post. I also really appreciate the links. My field, in particular, is currently fully embracing the “everyone should learn to code” philosophy, and I have had some hesitations. I look forward to reading what you shared.

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