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Parametrised Logical Vaiables

Logical variables can be represented differently. For example, on Alpha 21264, the declaration

logical :: l 
k = kind(l)
gives k=4 (which means that 4 bytes are used to store l). Since logical variables take only one of two possible values, it makes sense to try to store them using less memory; for example,
logical(kind=1) :: l1 
logical(kind=2) :: l2 
logical(kind=4) :: l4 
l1 = logical(ll,kind=1); l2 = logical(ll,kind=2)
l1 is stored on 1 byte, and l2 is stored on 2 bytes; conversion from one representation to another is done via the LOGICAL function, with the KIND= argument.

Adrian Sandu 2001-08-26