The KPP kinetic preprocessor is a software tool that assists the computer simulation of chemical kinetic systems. The concentrations of a chemical system evolve in time according to the differential law of mass action kinetics. A numerical simulation requires an implementation of the differential laws and a numerical integration in time.

 KPP translates a specification of the chemical mechanism into Fortran77, Fortran90, C, or Matlab simulation code that implements the concentration time derivative function, its Jacobian, and it Hessian, together with a suitable numerical integration scheme. Sparsity in Jacobian/Hessian is carefully exploited in order to obtain computational efficiency.

 KPP incorporates a library with several widely used atmospheric chemistry mechanisms; the users can add their own chemical mechanisms to the library. KPP also includes a comprehensive suite of stiff numerical integrators. The KPP development environment is designed in a modular fashion and allows for rapid prototyping of new chemical kinetic schemes as well as new numerical integration methods.

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