Changhee Jung

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science
Virginia Tech

Room 2227 Knowledge Works II
2202 Kraft Drive Blacksburg, VA 24060

chjung@cs (_dot_) vt (_dot_) edu

I moved to Purdue Univeristy. You will be automatically redirected to my new website in five seconds.

Ph.D., Georgia Tech, 2013


  • The CoSpec paper accepted to MICRO 2019. Congratulations to Jongouk and Qingrui!

  • The PeX paper accepted to USENIX Security 2019. Congratulations to Tong!

  • I will be joining the Department of Computer Science at Purdue University as an Associate Professor.

  • A paper accepted to RTAS 2019. Congratulations to Jongouk!

  • I am co-charing HIPS 2019 with Neha Gholkar (Intel). Submit your best work!

  • The BOGO paper accepted to ASPLOS 2019. Congratulations to Tong!

  • 2 papers (iDO and Sampler) accepted to MICRO 2018! Congratulations to Qingrui and Tong!

  • Congratulations to Qingrui for successfully defending his PhD thesis!

  • A new grant awarded from NSF CSR

  • The CommAnalyzer paper accepted to HPDC 2018. Congratulations to Ahmed!

  • Received an NSF CAREER Award

  • The nAdroid paper accepted to CGO 2018. Congratulations to Xinwei!

  • The AutoMatch paper accepted to IISWC 2017. Congratulations to Ahmed!

  • The BenchPrime paper accepted to EMSOFT 2017. Congratulations to Qingrui, Xiaolong, and Larry!

  • The ProRace paper accepted to ASPLOS 2017. Congratulations to Tong!

  • Received AMD Faculty Research Award

  • A paper accepted to MICRO 2016. Congratulations to Qingrui!

  • A paper accepted to SC 2016 as Best Student Paper Finalist. Congratulations to Qingrui!

  • A paper accepted to NVMSA 2016. Congratulations to Qingrui!

  • A journal paper accepted to ACM TECS. Congratulations to Qingrui!

  • The TxRace paper accepted to ASPLOS 2016. Congratulations to Tong!

  • A new patent granted!
    It was proposed to improve TCMalloc, Google 's open-source memory allocator, but would be applicable to other allocators. If you are interested in it, please take a look at US Patent 9063668.

  • Received Google Faculty Research Award

  • A new grant awarded from NSF CCF

  • The Clover paper accepted to LCTES 2015. Congratulations to Qingrui!

  • I will be serving as the Publicity and Publications Chair for ASPLOS 2016.
    Please consider submitting your best work!

  • 2 papers accepted to ICSE 2014!


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