Our paper on statically detecting build conflicts in Java program is accpeted to ASE 2022. Congrats Sheikh!
Our empirical analysis of merge conflicts in Java projects is accepted to TOSEM 2022. Congrats Bowen!
I received the Rising Start Faculty Award from the Computer Science Department at Virginia Tech.
Our paper on text data augmentation is accepted to ACL 2022. Congratulations to Fabrice!
Our work on isolating fault-inducing operations in dataflow applications is accepted to SoCC 2021!
Our work on untangling tracking and functional resources in web apps is accepted to IMC 2021. Congrats Hadi!
We received an NSF medium grant on Fuzz Testing of Data and Compute Intensive Systems (PIs: Gulzar and Kim).
I joined the computer science department at Virginia Tech as an assistant professor.
Our work on influence-based data provenance is accepted to SoCC 2020. Congrats Jason!
Our work on fuzz testing for data analytics is accepted to ASE 2020. Congrats Qian!
I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA. Ph.D. Dissertation.
I am honored to receive the 2019-20 Outstanding Computer Science Graduating Ph.D. Student from the computer science department at UCLA.
I am honored to receive the 2019-20 Northrop Grumman Outstanding Computer Science Graduate Student Research Award from the computer science department at UCLA.
Our work on evaluating neuron coverage as a testing criterion for DNNs is accepted to FSE 2020. Congrats Fabrice!
Our demonstration paper on test generation for big data analytics is accepted to ICSE DEMO 2020.
Our work on code refactoring for FPGA is accepted to ICSE 2020. Congrats Jason, Aish, and Qian!
Our work on performance debugging of dataflow applications is accepted to SoCC 2019. Congrats Jason!
Our work on symbolic-execution based testing of big data analytics is accepted to ESEC/FSE 2019.
Our paper on practices of Differential Testing at Google got accpeted to ICSE SEIP 2019. I contributed towards this work as an intern at Google in 2018.
My work on a real time log analysis framework at NEC Labs America got accepted to ICDCS 2018.
We are awarded $50K NSF I-Corps grant for technology transfer of our interactive and automated debugging work. I am the EL (Entrepreneurial Lead) of this grant.
I started working at Google Inc. Mountain View as Software Engineer Tools and Infrastructure Intern.
Miryung and I demonstrated our tool BigSift at Spark Summit 2018.
I received a gold medal at ACM Student Research Competition at ICSE 2018
Our work on automated debugging in DISC is accepted to SoCC 2017.
I am honored to be awarded the 2017 Google Ph.D Fellowship in Software Engineering. Thanks Google!
Our work on automated and interactive debugging in Spark is accepted at SIGMOD 2017 demonstration track
Our work, BigDebug, for interactive debugging of big data applications is accepted at FSE 2016 demonstration track
I started working as a Summer Research Assistant at NEC Labs America, Princeton in summer 2016
Our workshop paper on automated fault localization and debugging in big data applications is accepted to HotCloud 2016
Our paper on debugging primitives for interactive big data processing is accepted to ICSE 2016
Our paper on Apache Spark’s Data Provenance is accepted to VLDB 2016
My undergraduate work atLUMS for predicting viral threads is accepted to PACIS 2015
Our position paper on Debugging primitives of Big Data frameworks is accepted to HPTS 2015