CS 6204: Advanced Operating Systems (Spring 2023)

Huaicheng Li (huaicheng@cs.vt.edu)


Course Overview

This is a research-oriented seminar course with a major course project.

This course focuses on discussing important and interesting systems papers covering key topics of operating systems, including basic OS structure, concurrency and synchronization, memory management, file systems and storage, virtual machines, and reliability, etc. The goals are to (1). understand how systems research evolves over time, (2). learn to critize systems work and defend yourself through debates, and (3). apply learned principles to your research.

We will discuss 1-2 paper(s) each lecture, students are required to read and discuss the paper(s) in groups, submit paper summaries before class. The class will be mainly about students presenting each paper together with interactive discussion. For the class project, students will have the freedom to work on a research project of their choice throughout the semester.

Covered Topics:

Schedule / Reading List

A list of papers (TBD) + the OSTEP book. Check back for updates!

Class Participation

Since this is a discuss-based course, class participation is required. We will discuss the papers and articles that we will have all read before each class. I will lead discussions by asking questions of students at random in class. You need to show up to class and participate in the discussion (which in fact requires you to read the papers). The questions are essentially in the following forms:

Grading (tentative)