AI for Social Good: Empowering Youth to Be Resilient Against Cybergrooming

Time: 9:30am-3pm | Date: April 12th, 2024 | Location: Torgersen Hall 1100, Blacksburg, Virginia Tech

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AI for Social Good

About the Workshop

In the digital era, safeguarding youth online is paramount, necessitating innovative solutions like Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI technologies, including machine learning and natural language processing, are pivotal in detecting, preventing, and combating cybergrooming by analyzing communication patterns to identify potential threats. However, deploying these technologies raises ethical considerations, especially around privacy and digital experiences. Balancing security with personal freedoms demands transparent, accountable AI systems designed with privacy at their core, ensuring protective measures are inclusive and non-discriminatory.

Current research and practical AI applications, such as chatbot-based frameworks, demonstrate significant potential in monitoring online interactions and identifying grooming behaviors. These advancements highlight AI's capability to offer real-time protection and intervention. Yet, the effectiveness of these technologies hinges on collaboration among various stakeholders, including educators, cybersecurity experts, AI researchers, and policymakers. Such partnerships are essential for developing strategies that combine human oversight with AI autonomy, ensuring adaptive, responsive systems capable of protecting against online predatory behaviors.

Supported by The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) Southwest Virginia Cybersecurity Research Program, this workshop is dedicated to exploring the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in enhancing online safety, with a particular focus on the collaborative endeavors essential for fostering a secure digital ecosystem for young users. Tailored for a diverse group of participants, ranging from child safety advocates and educators to technology professionals, this event underscores the critical need for the ethical application of AI. It highlights the collective responsibility we share in addressing the complexities involved in protecting the digital domain for the next generation.

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This work is partly supported by The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) Cybersecurity Research Program and NSF grant 2330940.


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