Organization - Computational Thinking


The planned schedule of the course is shown in the table below. The detailed conduct of the course may vary from this plan. The dates of the midterm and final exams are, however, fixed.

Date(s) Topic
January 18  Course Overview, Definition of computer science
January 20-February 1   State and Behavior
February 3 – February 15   Abstraction: Modeling perspective
February 17 – February 24   Relationships
March 1   Midterm exam
March 3   Return/Review of midterm exam
March 8-10   Spring Break
March 15-17   Concurrency
March 23-24   Abstraction: Engineering perspective
March 29 – April 7   Language concepts (lambda calculus)
April 12-19   Testing and debugging
April 21-28   Data structrures
May 3   Review, Course Evaluation
May 6 (10:05AM-12:05PM)   Final Exam

Team Work

Some graded assignments will be clearly identified for completion by teams of, by default two, students. While students are strongly encouraged to work in teams when permitted, a student may complete a team assignment as an individual. All members of a team are expected to contribute equally to the submitted work and will be assigned the same score for the assignment. It should be reported to the instructor if a member of the team who does not fully participate in the team’s work. To increase the benefit of working with people having different perspectives, two individuals may not be on the same team more than three times during the course.

Submitting Assignments

The answers to an assignment should generally be submitted electronically as a PDF document. The document should be sent to the instructor’s email address by the date and time indicated on the assignment. When submitted by a team, the names of all team members must be clearly given.