cs5984: Information Visualization

Homework #3:  Visualization Design

Visualizing Intertwined Trees

Due:  Thurs March 22, in class.

The goal of this homework is to gain practice in designing new visualizations for new problems by rapid brainstorming and sketching.  Your assignment is to produce a design for a visualization of intertwined trees.  The research literature is remarkably limited on this particular problem.

The data:  The general problem is as follows.  A set of nodes is simultaneously contained in multiple different tree structures.  A node might be a leaf in one tree and an internal in another tree.  The same node might have different children and a different parent in different trees.  Trees may have different root nodes.  Any given tree does not necessarily contain all the nodes.  Every node is in at least one tree.  You should consider the effect of large number of nodes and large number of trees.  Examples of this problem are:  

The tasks:  Your visualization should help users understand the relationships between trees.  Typical questions might include:  

What to hand in:  About 2 pages describing your proposed solution visualization as follows:

How you will be graded:  The criteria for grading are:

!Important:  Focus your time on thinking and dreaming up designs.  Don't waste your time trying to draw it in powerpoint or making it functional.