I am always looking for talented and enthusiastic graduate students to advise. My area in CS is HCI.

Please review this website for projects and research topics I am (or have been) interested in. While I am particularly looking for students who wish to conduct research into design (or art) and technology, if you have another topic or idea, I am often quite supportive of creative new ideas. However, if you plan to use your graduate studies to develop technology that sacrifices the privacy of others, tries to sell or coerce, or burdens people's lives, please look elsewhere for advice or research support.

As a rule, advisees must enroll in graduate classes I teach so that I can assess their strengths, depth of thought, and potential for success in the areas I am interested in.

Since I am investing my time (and if availlable, grant support money) in students that I advise, I ask that all publications submitted include my name as co-author.

I encourage all of my PhD advisees to write a master's thesis in advance of doing their dissertation. Often, PhD students come with little idea of the scope of work necessary to conduct and complete a dissertation. With luck and good planning, it is possible for the Master's research to support and expedite the completion of the dissertation.

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