About me

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech.

My research is in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. My research focuses on building human-machine collaborative AI systems that can learn contextual and explainable models from multi-source and interconnected data.

Prior to joining Virginia Tech, I worked at the Palo Alto Research Center (aka Xerox PARC), where I led the machine learning research group, managed Procter & Gamble’s technical commercial portfolio, and spearheaded machine learning for sensors research.

I received my BE in Computer and Systems Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt and my MS and PhD in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Recent News

Recent Research Highlights

  • role2vec:Role-based Network Embeddings
    N. Ahmed, R. Rossi, J. Lee, T. Willke, R. Zhou, X. Kong, H. Eldardiry. In Proceedings of The First International Workshop on Deep Learning on Graphs: Methods and Applications (DLG). 2019.
  • Collaborative Learning of Concept Representations for Video Data
    F. Torres, H. Eldardiry, G. Gavai, C. Ramos. In Proceedings of AAAI Spring Symposium on Combining Machine Learning with Knowledge Engineering. 2019.
  • Building Jarvis - A Learner-Aware Conversational Trainer
    S. Mohan, K. Ramea, B. Price, M. Shreve, H. Eldardiry, L. Nelson. In Proceedings of ACM user2agent IUI Workshop on User-Aware Conversational Agents. 2019.
  • Hybrid image-based defect detection for railroad maintenance
    G. Gavai, H. Eldardiry, W. Wu, B. Xu, Y. Komatsu, S. Makino. In Proceedings of The Image Sensors and Imaging Systems Conference, at IS&T Electronic Imaging. 2019.
  • Computer-implemented system and method for detecting anomalies using sample-based rule identification
    H. Eldardiry, K. Sricharan, D. Greene, R. Price. US PATENT-20130978-01 issued. 2018.
  • Device health estimation by combining contextual information with sensor data
    H. Eldardiry, L. Liao, T. Honda, B. Saha, R. Abreu. US PATENT-10078062 issued. 2018.
  • Computer-implemented system and method for analyzing organizational performance from episodic data
    M. Stefik, D. Bobrow, H. Eldardiry, R. Krivacic, P. Liu, S. Tarkan, E. Wu. PATENT-10025829 issued. 2018.
  • System And Method For Facilitating Parking Enforcement Officer Dispatching In Real Time With The Aid Of A Digital Computer
    M. Stefik, M. Singhal, K. Albanese, F. Ali, E. bier, D. Bobrow, E. Cardenas, M. Darst, H. Eldardiry, G. Gavai, R. Krivacic, P. Liu, S. Tarkan. PATENT-20180060798 issued. 2018.
  • Interactive Visual Graph Mining and Learning
    R. Rossi, N. Ahmed, H. Eldardiry, R. Zhou. In ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology (TIST), . 2018.
  • Similarity-based Multi-label Learning
    R. Rossi, N. Ahmed, H. Eldardiry, R. Zhou. In Proceedings of The International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN). 2018.
  • Relational Similarity Machines (RSM): A Similarity-based Learning Framework for Graphs
    R. Rossi, N. Ahmed, R. Zhou, H. Eldardiry. In Proceedings of IEEE Big Data. 2018.
  • Learning Role-based Graph Embeddings
    N. Ahmed, R. Rossi, R. Zhou, J. Lee, X. Kong, T. Willke, H. Eldardiry. In Proceedings of Statistical Relational Artificial Intelligence Workshop at the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (StartAI-IJCAI). 2018.
  • Interactive remote patient monitoring and condition management intervention system
    H. Eldardiry, J. Rubin, R. Abreu, S. Ahern, D. Garcia, H. Du, A. Pattekar, D. Bobrow. US PATENT-2017049374-A1 issued. 2017.