Lab members
Molecular biophysics
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Current Members (click on photo for more info )
Dr. Igor Tolokh

Senior Research Scientist

Email @vt.edu: itolokh

Negin Forouzesh

Graduate Student (Ph.D), Department of Computer Science

Email @vt.edu: neginf

Parviz Shabane

Graduate Student (Ph.D), Department of Physics

Email @vt.edu: sparviz

Yeyue Xiong

Graduate Student (Ph.D), Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Email @vt.edu: xiongyy

Raju Nadimpalli

Undergraduate Student, Department of Computer Science

Email @vt.edu: rajun

Former Members
Kyle Titus-Glover

Undergraduate Student, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Email @vt.edu: kyle136

Nick Kinney

Graduate student (Ph.D 2016), GBCB moved on to a post-doc position at VCOM, VA.

Email @gmail.com: nkinney06

Alexander Drozdetski

Former Graduate student (Ph.D 2016), Physics

Email @vt.edu: adrozdet

Saeed Izadi

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D 2016), Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics. Moved on to become a scientist at GenenTech, San Francisco.

Email @vt.edu: izadi

Ramu Anandakrishnan

Former Graduate student (Ph.D, 2011), then a post-doc, Department of Computer Science. Moved on to U. Pittsburgh as a research scientist.

Email @vt.edu: ramu

Abhishek Mukhopadhyay

Former Graduate student (Ph.D), Department of Physics. After graduation, got a job as a scientist at Zymeworks Inc., Vancouver, Canada.

Email @vt.edu: abmukho

Boris Aguilar

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D), Department of Computer Science. Then a post-doc at Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle.

Email @vt.edu: baguilar

Promita Chakraborty

Former Graduate student (Ph.D), Department of Computer Science (VT) and Berkeley Lab

Email @lbl.gov: pchakraborty

Casey (Charles) Baker

Former undergraduate Student, triple major: Physics, Biology and Math. Went to grad school at Harvard.

Email @vt.edu: cbaker

Andrew Fenley

Former Graduate student (Ph.D 2010), Department of Physics. Went on to do a post-doc at U. California, San Diego. Now is a scientist at Dart NeuroScience LLC, San Diego.

Email @vt.edu: afenley

John Gordon

Former graduate student (MS 2007), Department of Computer Science. Went on to work for Microsoft in Seattle.

Virginia Tech Email: jogordo3@vt.edu

Jory Z. Ruscio

Former graduate student (Ph.D 2007), Graduate program in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Went on to do a post-doc at UC Berkeley.

Virginia Tech Email: jzmuda@vt.edu

Jon Myers

Former graduate student (M.S. Bioinformatics 2007), transferred to University of Georigia to continue on towards a Ph.D.

Virginia Tech Email: jonmyers@vt.edu

David Adams

Former udergraduate student, Physics + Computer Science (BS 2007, double major). Went to grad school at U. Michigan at Ann Arbor

Richard Shadrach

Former udergraduate student, Mathematics + Computer Science (BS 2008 ). Went to grad school at Michigan State University

Puranjoy Bhattacharjee

Former Graduate Student (M.S. 2009), Department of Computer Science. Stayed at VT to do a Ph.D. in systems.

Email @cs.vt.edu: puran

Grigori Sigalov, Ph.D

Former Senior Scientist. Worked on implicit solvent models (2004-2006). Went to Urbana-Champaign to work in industry.

Email @vt.edu: sigalov