Wu-chun Feng

Wu-chun Feng (a.k.a. "Wu")

SyNeRGy Laboratory

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Dept. of ECE
Health Sciences

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Torgersen Hall 2050
620 Drillfield Drive (Alumni Mall)
Blacksburg, VA.
24061. [map]
(540) 231-1192
(540) 231-9218
feng [at] cs.vt.edu

Virginia Tech


  • ( 07/02/19 )
    Best Paper Finalist at IEEE HPEC 2019
    Hassan and Feng, in collaboration with Pakin of LANL, have their paper — C to D-Wave: A High-level C Compilation Framework for Quantum Annealers — selected as one of Best Paper Finalists at the IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing Conference (HPEC) to be held in Waltham, MA in September 2019.

  • ( 05/01/19 )
    Paper Accepted to BIT
    Feng, in collaboration with Masiane, Wenskovitch and North of Computer Science at Virginia Tech, and Driscoll of Department of Statistics at Virginia Tech, have their paper — Towards Insight-Driven Sampling for Big Data Visualization — accepted for publication into the Behaviour & Information Technology journal (BIT).

  • ( 04/26/19 )
    Paper Accepted to ACM TOPC
    Pumma and Feng, in collaboration with Si and Balaji of Argonne National Laboratory, have their paper — Scalable Deep Learning via I/O Analysis and Optimization — accepted for publication into the ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing (TOPC).

  • ( 03/06/19 )
    Paper Accepted to ACM CF 2019
    Cui and Feng have their paper — Iterative Machine Learning (IterML) for Effective Parameter Pruning and Tuning in Accelerators — accepted for publication in the 16th ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers to be held in Alghero, Sardinia, Italy in April-May 2019.

  • ( 12/22/18 )
    Paper Accepted to Frontiers in Genetics
    Banerjee and Feng, in collaboration with Zhu, Tang, Wu, and Xie of Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, have their paper — Identifying Transcriptional Regulatory Modules among Different Chromatin States in Mouse Neural Stem Cells — accepted for publication into Frontiers in Genetics, section Epigenomics and Epigenetics.

  • ( 12/15/18 )
    Paper Accepted to Scientific Reports
    Dash and Feng, in collaboration with Anandakrishnan, Kinney, Varghese, and Garner of VCOM at Virginia Tech, have their paper — Differentiating Between Cancer and Normal Tissue Samples Using Multi-Hit Combinations of Genetic Mutations — accepted for publication into Scientific Reports (A Nature Research Journal). The 2017 journal metrics — 2-year impact factor: 4.122 and 5-year impact factor: 4.609.

  • ( 10/31/18 )
    Paper Accepted to HPC Asia 2019
    Sathre, Gardner, and Feng, have their paper — On the Portability of GPU-Accelerated Applications via Automated Source-to-Source Translation — accepted for publication at HPC Asia: International Conference on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region to be held in Guangzhou, China in January 2019.

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