In this class, you will form a team of 2-3 students to work on a single research project throughout the semester. The project should aim to solve a real problem in the intersection area of machine learning and security/privacy. For this project, your goal should be producing research results worthy of publication at a high-quality workshop or even a conference. You are welcome to incorporate this project with any other research you are working on as long as the topic is related to security and machine learning. For a given team, all the team members will receive the same score for the project related tasks. Please make an appointment with me to talk about your idea before starting the project.


In the first 2-3 weeks, you will be forming a team and write a 1-page proposal. 1-page is the recommended length, but you can go as long as 2 page. You can use MS Word or Latex (single column, Times New Roman, font size 11 or 12). The proposal should clearly describe the research problem, why the problem is interesting/important and novel, how you plan to approach the problem and key related works. If your project requires related datasets, please also describe how you plan to collect the data. You can use existing datasets collected by other researchers as long as the source is properly cited. In the end of the proposal, you should include a rough timeline and key milestones for the project.

Midterm Talk

We don't have a midterm exam. Our midterm will be a short in-class presentation to talk about your project to your classmates. The talk should describe your idea, your progress so far and the plan for the next step. This will be a good opportunity to get feedback from your peers and me.

Final Talk

The final talk will be a more complete and extended version of the midterm talk. You will need to briefly remind everyone about your project and the key idea and report your research results.

Project Report

You will write a 6-page paper on your findings due at the end of the semester. You can have an unlimited number of pages for references. In your report, you should describe the research problem, background material, your contributions, evaluation (experiments and/or analysis), and conclusions. The final paper should have the usual structure of a scientific paper. 1) Abstract: no longer than two paragraphs describing the research problem and your findings/contributions. 2) Introduction: describes the motivation, the problem you are addressing, your approach, and your contributions. 3) The main body of the paper should describe your technical approaches in detail, your experimental setup and the evaluation results. 4) Your paper must include a section for related work. 5) The paper should end with a conclusion that summarizes your contributions and discusses open problems.

For the project report, please learn to use Latex to write your paper. Page limit: 6 pages for technical content and unlimited pages for references. Please use 10-point font for the main text, two-column format and letter page size. The recommended style is sig-alternate-10pt.cls.