Usability Engineering Lab Center for Human-Computer Interaction Virginia Tech


Joseph L. Gabbard, M.S.

jgabbard [AT]


Background and History


·       Human-computer interaction project begun at Virginia Tech in 1979, with $1.3 million in funding from Office of Naval Research

·       Since then, more than $10 million in funding (ONR, NRL, NSF, numerous corporations)

·       Major goal of Virginia Tech usability engineering research and development activities over the years:

To produce cost-effective, efficient methods for ensuring usability of emerging and novel interactive systems


Current Research and Funding Sources


·       Design and evaluation of Bioninformatics, Military and other interactive systems to:

·       Ensure usability of the user interface

·       Develop and verify a cost-effective, systematic approach to usability engineering research from a user’s perspective

·       Identify general principles and most important parameters of usability engineering

·       Identify effective, efficient techniques for usability engineering


·       Current funding sources and collaborators include:

·       Naval Research Laboratory

·       Office of Naval Research

·       Concurrent Technologies Corp.

·       National Institutes of Health




·       A complete list of online publications can be found here.


Impact of Our Work


·       Seminal usability engineering methodology, especially for user-based usability evaluation activities


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