Lab members
Molecular biophysics
Current Members (click on photo for more info )
Dr. Igor Tolokh

Senior Research Scientist

Email @vt.edu: itolokh

Alexander Afanasyev

Graduate Student (Ph.D), Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics

Email @vt.edu: alexandr

Dan Folescu

BS, Department of Mathematics. BS, Computer Science.

Email @vt.edu: dan1345

Samira Mali

Graduate Student (Ph.D), Department of Computer Science

Email @vt.edu: smali

Former Members
Yeyue Xiong

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D, 2021), Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics. After the graduation, got a job as a Senior Scientist at Schrödinger Inc., San Diego, CA.

Email @vt.edu: xiongyy

Negin Forouzesh

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D, 2020), Department of Computer Science. Now Assistant Professor at California State University, LA

Email @vt.edu: neginf

Raju Nadimpalli

Undergraduate Student, Department of Computer Science. Got a job at Amazon.

Email @vt.edu: rajun

Parviz Shabane

Was a Ph.D candidate from 2013 to 2020. In 2020 received an MS.

Kyle Titus-Glover

Undergraduate Student, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics. Got accepted to VT graduate school.

Email @vt.edu: kyle136

Nick Kinney

Former Graduate student (Ph.D 2016), GBCB. Now Assistant Professor for Biomedical Sciences, VCOM, VA.

Email @gmail.com: nkinney06

Alexander Drozdetski

Former Graduate student (Ph.D 2016), Physics. Co-founder of a start-up company.

Email @vt.edu: adrozdet

Saeed Izadi

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D 2016), Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics. Now a senior scientist at GenenTech, San Francisco.

Email @vt.edu: izadi

Ramu Anandakrishnan

Former Graduate student (Ph.D, 2011), then a post-doc, Department of Computer Science. Now Assistant Professor for Biomedical Sciences, VCOM, VA.

Email @vt.edu: ramu

Abhishek Mukhopadhyay

Former Graduate student (Ph.D, 2015), Department of Physics. After graduation, got a job as a scientist at Zymeworks Inc., Vancouver, Canada. Now a Principal Scientist and Team Lead, Molecular Simulations at Zymeworks.

Email @vt.edu: abmukho

Boris Aguilar

Former Graduate Student (Ph.D, 2014), Department of Computer Science. Then a post-doc at Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle; currently, a Senior Research Scientist.

Email @vt.edu: baguilar

Promita Chakraborty

Former Graduate student (Ph.D, 2014), Department of Computer Science (VT) and Berkeley Lab

Email @lbl.gov: pchakraborty

Casey (Charles) Baker

Former undergraduate Student, triple major: Physics, Biology and Math. Went to grad school at Harvard.

Email @vt.edu: cbaker

Andrew Fenley

Former Graduate student (Ph.D 2010), Department of Physics. Went on to do a post-doc at U. California, San Diego. Then a scientist at Dart NeuroScience LLC, San Diego.

Email @vt.edu: afenley

John Gordon

Former graduate student (MS 2007), Department of Computer Science. Went on to work for Microsoft in Seattle, worked through the ranks to Senior Lead Software Design Engineer.

Virginia Tech Email: jogordo3@vt.edu

Jory Z. Ruscio

Former graduate student (Ph.D 2007), Graduate program in Genetics, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. Went on to do a post-doc at UC Berkeley.

Virginia Tech Email: jzmuda@vt.edu

Jon Myers

Former graduate student (M.S. Bioinformatics 2007), transferred to University of Georigia to continue on towards a Ph.D.

Virginia Tech Email: jonmyers@vt.edu

David Adams

Former udergraduate student, Physics + Computer Science (BS 2007, double major). Went to grad school at U. Michigan at Ann Arbor

Richard Shadrach

Former udergraduate student, Mathematics + Computer Science (BS 2008 ). Went to grad school at Michigan State University

Puranjoy Bhattacharjee

Former Graduate Student (M.S. 2009), Department of Computer Science. Stayed at VT to do a Ph.D. in systems.

Email @cs.vt.edu: puran

Grigori Sigalov, Ph.D

Former Senior Scientist. Worked on implicit solvent models (2004-2006). Went to Urbana-Champaign to work in industry.

Email @vt.edu: sigalov