Wu-chun Feng

Wu-chun Feng (a.k.a. "Wu")

SyNeRGy Laboratory

Dept. of CS
Dept. of ECE
Health Sciences

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Torgersen Hall 2050
620 Drillfield Drive (Alumni Mall)
Blacksburg, VA.
24061. [map]
(540) 231-1192
(540) 231-9218
wfeng [at] vt.edu

Virginia Tech


My research efforts at the Systems, Networking, and Renaissance Grokking (SyNeRGy) Lab includes conducting basic and applied research that provides scientists and engineers with scalable and efficient computational tools that enable them to concentrate on their science and engineering rather than on the computer science and engineering. This includes exploring a breadth of complementary intellectual activities in parallel computing that span the high-performance & enterprise-wide spectrum - from systems software to middleware to applications software to tools - in order to empower cyber-scientists and cyber-engineers of tomorrow.

My research is typically focused at the synergistic intersection of Systems Software & Middleware, Architecture, Application Software and Tools. Below is a showcase of select research areas.

To find out more about my past and current research activities, please visit my team's web site, SyNeRGy, see my publications page or check out the following special projects: Supercomputing in Small Spaces, mpiBLAST, Green500 and MyVICE. Alternatively, you can peruse my exhaustive curriculum vitae.

Systems Software & Tools

  • Parallel Computing
    • Architecture: Mixin Layers*, MPI-ACC, ...
    • Benchmarks: OpenDwarfs, ...
    • Scheduling: SyMMer, CoreTSAR, ...
    • Virtualization: VOCL
  • Distributed Computing
    • Cloud Computing: SeqInCloud, CloudFlow, ...
    • I/O: ParaMEDIC, Asynchronous Collectives, ...
    • MapReduce: MOON, StreamMR, ...
    • Virtual Machines: SERViCE* → MyVICE
  • Networking
    • Hybrid: CHEETAH*
    • Protocols: Transport, ...
    • Security: Wireless*, ...
  • Green Computing
    • EnergyFit, EcoDaemon
  • Profiling: CampProf, Extensions to Cbench, ...
  • Productivity: CU2CL

Green Computing

  • Architecture: Green Destiny
  • System Software: EnergyFit, EcoDaemon ...
  • Modeling: Power & Performance
  • Benchmarks & Tools: Green500, Gbench, Green Index, ...


  • Big Data: Genomes Galore, ...
  • Compute the Cure (for Cancer)
  • Education: CS Education, MyVICE
  • Life Sciences: mpiBLAST, Sequence Alignment, Genomic Sequence Searching, Long-Range Interactions → Molecular Modeling
  • Medical Sciences: Neuroinformatics, Human Computer Interaction in Radiology*

Performance Modeling, Analysis, Evaluation and Optimization

  • Networking
    • HW: Quadrics*, 10 GigE*, ...
    • Modeling: Q-Composer and CpR*
    • Protocols: Cascaded TCP, TCP Vegas*, Autotuning TCP Flow Control*, ...
  • Emerging Processor Technologies
    • APU: Characterization, ...
    • GPU: Architecture-Aware Optimizations, Synchronization, ...
    • FPGA: Characterization, ...

Note: I am not pursuing research areas annotated with an asterisk (*).