A workshop at CSCW 2006
November 4, 2006
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Organizer: Steve Harrison (Dept of Computer Science, Virginia Tech)
Since the first media spaces were created in the 1980's, technology has changed and affordable real-time desktop conferencing is a reality. But what happened to the ideas of the media space?  
While there are ubiquitous cell-phone cameras, web-cams, iChat, architectural scale displays, the Internet, and globalized work, how do these current technologies and collaborative experiences look like and look different than those of a media space? What is the current state of systems that employ socially negotiated control instead of enforcing an established policy? What is the meaning of "awareness" and "presence" today?  We encourage those who worked on the first media spaces and those who re-discover these ideas in current research to participate in a one day workshop held in conjunction with CSCW 2006 in Banff. Some topics include:
  1.     privacy
  2.     large scale display
  3.     awareness
  4.     telepresence
  5.     mobile awareness (IM)
  6.     video chat
  7.     social triangulation
  8.     coordination
  9.     distributed work
  10.     multi-player games
  11.     camera-projector integration research
  12.     IRVE's
  13.     media and related critical theory
  14.     space and place issues
  15.     and, of course, media space.
This workshop is inspired by an invitation to submit a book proposal on this topic to Springer's CSCW book series.  To participate, send a two to four page position paper describing ongoing work, recent results, or opinions and approaches to the problem. We particularly seek significant unanswered questions and challenges to current paradigms that further media space research might address. Papers will be peer-reviewed and 15 will be selected.  Papers should be sent to sharrison@vt.edu.
Advisory board:
Sara Bly (Sara Bly Consulting)
Paul Dourish (UC Irvine)
Robert Kraut  (Carnegie-Mellon University)
Tom Moran (IBM Almaden Research)
Marilyn Mantei-Tremaine (Rutgers University)
John Tang (IBM Almaden Research)
Media Space - Reflecting on 20 Years