Synergistic Networking And Intelligence Lab (SNAIL)

Ph.D. Students

  • Kerem Bozgan (Fall 2022)

  • Wei Fan (Fall 2022)

  • Keyuan Zhang (Fall 2022)

  • Osama Bajaber (Fall 2021; co-advised with Prof. Peng Gao; Bitshares Fellowship in 2023; CCI SWVA Cyber Innovation Scholar in 2023)

  • Duo Cheng (Fall 2021)

  • Matthew Corbett (Fall 2021; Richard E. Nance Graduate Fellowship in Computer Science in 2023; CCI SWVA Cyber Innovation Scholar in 2023)

  • Zhongdong Liu (Fall 2020; Fall 2017 - Summer 2020 at Temple University)

Master's Students

  • Joseph Xu (M.S., Fall 2021)

Former Ph.D. Students

  • Yanlong Qiu (Ph.D., Fall 2017 - Summer 2023; co-advised with Prof. Jin Zhang at SUSTech)

  • Fengjiao Li (Ph.D., Spring 2018 - Fall 2022; Dept. of Computer Science Ph.D. Research Award in 2023; IEEE/IFIP WiOpt 2022 Best Student Paper Award; Dr. Dennis G. Kafura Graduate Fellowship in Computer Science in 2022; N2Women Young Researcher Fellowship in 2020; Scott Hibbs Future of Computing Award in 2020; IEEE INFOCOM 2019 Best Paper Award; IEEE INFOCOM 2019 Best-in-Session Presentation Award; now Assistant Professor at Shanxi University in China)

  • Gamal Sallam (Ph.D., Fall 2016 - Summer 2020; Temple University Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant in 2020; CST Graduate Research Assistant Award in 2019; CIS Graduate Research Assistant Award in 2019; IEEE INFOCOM 2018 Best-in-Session Presentation Award; now Research Scientist at Facebook)

  • Yu Sang (Ph.D., Fall 2014 - Summer 2019; Presidential Fellowship from Temple University in 2014; Scott Hibbs Future of Computing Award in 2017; now Research Scientist at Facebook)

Former Master's Students

  • Matthew Jackson (M.S. in CS, May 2023; now at Applied Physics Laboratory; co-advised with Prof. Dimitrios Nikolopoulos)

  • Aayush Sureshchander (M.S. in ECE, May 2021)

  • Yiqun Wu (Master's Project, Temple University, May 2020)

  • Pradipti Pal (Independent Study, Temple University, Summer 2016)

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Srinjoy Dey, BS in CS, Spring 2023

  • Andrew Tran, BS in CS, Fall 2022

  • Pierre Tran, BS in CS, Fall 2022

  • Shalini Dubey (female), BS in CS, Spring/Summer 2022

  • Jeremy Sanchez, BS in CS, Spring 2022

  • Rui Wang (B.S. in ECE, Fall 2021; joining UIUC in Fall 2022 as a Master's student)

  • Chengpei Wu (B.S. in ECE, Fall 2021)

  • Helene Mbonda (B.S. in CS, Summer 2021)

  • Nahom Atsbeha (B.S. in CS, Summer 2021)

  • Skylar Liang (B.S. in CS, Spring 2021; joining Virginia Tech in Spring 2023 as a Master's student)

  • Jared Joo (B.S. in CS, Spring 2021)

  • Jaswant Kasinedi (B.S. in CS, Spring 2021)

  • Ishaan Lubana (B.S. in CS, Spring 2021)

  • Zifan Wang (B.S. in CS, Spring 2021)

  • Andrew Posmontier (Temple University, Science Scholars Program, Summer 2019 - Summer 2020)

  • Lauren Kimpel (Temple University, URP, Summer 2020)

  • Caleb Okoh-Aihe (Temple University, URP, Summer 2020)

  • Jason Duong (Temple University, URP, Summer 2020)

  • Victor Chan (Temple University, Undergrad Researcher, Spring/Summer 2020)

  • Giovanni Mancini (Temple University, NSF REU, Spring 2020)

  • Paul Pesnell (Temple University, URP, Fall 2019)

  • Jenna Ryan (Clarkson University, NSF REU, Summer 2019; The third place at Temple NSF REU Site Research Symposium)

  • Collin Rehmeyer (Temple University, Undergrad Researcher, Summer 2019)

  • Shmuel Jacobs (Temple University, URP, Spring/Summer 2019)

  • Parisa Khan (Temple University, Undergrad Researcher, Spring/Summer 2019)

  • Aamir Mandviwalla (Temple University, Merit Scholar, Summer/Fall 2018; now Ph.D. student at RPI)

  • Hoang Nguyen Khanh Ho (Temple University, Merit Scholar, Summer 2018; now Ph.D. student at UMass Amherst)

  • Jiawei Zhou (St. John's University, NSF REU, Summer 2018)

  • Chelsea Zackey (Temple University, URP, Summer/Fall 2018; now Master's student at Temple)

  • Kyle Meyers (Temple University, URP, Summer 2018)

  • Keita Ohshiro (Temple University, URP, Spring/Summer 2018, Spring 2019; Scott Hibbs Future of Computing Award in 2019; now Master's student at NYU)

  • Hasan Ali Ghazzawi (Temple University, Undergrad Researcher, Spring 2018)

  • Yi Ping Wu (Stony Brook University, NSF REU, Summer 2017)

  • Minh Nguyen (Temple University, Undergrad Researcher, Spring/Summer 2017)

  • Yeahuay Wu (Temple University, Undergrad Researcher, Fall 2016 and Spring/Summer 2017; now Ph.D. student at UMass Amherst)

  • Caleb Skinner (University of Texas at Austin, NSF REU, Summer 2016; now Software Engineer at Dimensional Fund Advisors)

  • Aashir Nuri (Temple University, Undergrad Researcher, Fall 2015; NSF REU, Summer 2015)

  • Helen Vasiliki Hansel (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NSF REU, Summer 2015)

  • Aron Cowen (Temple University, Science Scholars Program (SSP), Spring 2015)

Former K-12 Students

  • Kabir Suri (McLean High School, Summer 2022)

  • Rishi Peddakama (Del Norte High School, Spring 2022)

  • Arpan Banerjee (William G. Enloe High School, co-advised with Prof. Xingyu Zhou@Wayne State University, Summer 2021; now undergrad student at Georgia Tech)