Background and Related Work
Experimental Results and Analysis
Conclusions and Future Work


1. Introduction
    1.1 Mobile Ad Hoc Routing Protocols
    1.2 Purpose of Study
    1.3 Contributions
    1.4 Structure of Thesis
2. Background and Related Work
    2.1 Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
    2.2 Description of the DSR Protocol
    2.3 IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol
    2.4 Related Work
    2.5 Summary
3. Methodology
    3.1 Environment of the Application Development
    3.2 Application System Design
    3.3 Performance Evaluation: Input Parameters and Metrics
    3.4 XML Files Used for Describing Results of Experiments
    3.5 Summary
4. Experimental Results and Analysis
    4.1 Default Values for Input Parameters
    4.2 Performance of Messenger with respect to Node Speed
    4.3 Performance of Messenger with respect to Pause Time
    4.4 Performance of Messenger with respect to Sliding Window Size (SWS)
    4.5 Performance of Messenger with/without Receipt Packets
    4.6 Performance of Messenger with/without Cache Structure
    4.7 Summary
5. Conclusions and Future Work
    5.1 Summary of Thesis
    5.2 Accomplishments
    5.3 Future Work
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