Danfeng (Daphne) Yao, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and L-3 Faculty Fellow
Department of Computer Science
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA


Yao Group on Computer Security

Our research is focused on cyber security, in particular network and information security, human-behaviors in computer security, user-centric and user-friendly systems, insider threats, secure information sharing, data privacy, and applied cryptography.

What is storytelling security? Find out more HERE.

Research Directions

News and Announcements

  • (Dec. 2014) Please consider submit to ASIACCS Security in Cloud Computing Workshop!

  • (Nov. 2014) Our work on MapReduce-based data leak detection will appear in ACM CODASPY. Congrats to Fang!

  • (Nov. 2014) Kui Xu successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis (titled "Anomaly Detection Through System and Program Behavior Modeling")! Congratulations, Kui!

    Kui is working as a security engineer at Amazon Inc. His thesis work was supported by Office of Naval Research (ONR).

  • (Nov. 2014) Deep feature extraction for Android app classification is shown to be very precise. Our 1-feature program dependence analysis on 5,000 apps gives 2% FP and FN rates. (Work appeared in Computers & Security.)

  • (Oct. 2014) Our Android malware detection project to be funded by DARPA APAC program!

  • (Oct. 2014) Daphne to give a talk on storytelling security at Grace Hopper Conference.

    An interesting article on "The Forgotten Female Programmers".

  • (Sep. 2014) Interested in role-playing games?
    Read about how we use them to study security behaviors HERE in the past 4 years (paper to appear in CollaborateCom '14).

  • (Sep. 2014) How to use n-gram to classify Android malware with high accuracy? Check out our new ICMLA'14 paper.

  • (Sep. 2014) Please consider submit to the Workshop on Security in Cloud Computing (an AsiaCCS workshop).

  • (Aug. 2014) Seeking strong postdoc and PhD students! Contact Dr. Yao.

  • (Aug. 2014) Our paper on Android malware classification with manifest and user-intention based dependence features will appear in the International Conference on Information Security Conference (ISC) '14.

  • (Aug. 2014) Dr. Yao received Army Research Office Young Investigator Award to support her work on semantic and causality reasoning for mission assurance.

  • (Jun. 2014) US patent titled "Systems and method for malware detection" awarded! Congrats to our former students Deian Stefan and Chehai Wu.




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