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What is RESCS?

Rutgers Emerging Scholars in Computer Science (RESCS), is a program designed to recruit top incoming freshmen with strong math/science backgrounds, from groups currently underrepresented in Computer Science, to enroll in an introductory Computer Science course that includes a special additional discussion section. In the two hour weekly discussion session, participating students will work in small groups on challenging problems designed to help them gain a thorough and in-depth understanding of the class material. This is supplemental learning not remedial. Through the interactive discussions and regular study meetings, we hope to increase participants' enthusiasm for Computer Science. The discussion sections will be led by outstanding undergraduate peer leaders (i.e., mentors) who have been trained in how to facilitate group learning. Students will receive an additional course credit over the 4 credits for CS 111, for their participation in this program.

A consortium of eight colleges and universities -- Purdue, Georgia Tech, Duke, Beloit, Loyola (MD), University of Wisconsin - Madison and University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee -- are joining together in this project. The emerging scholars in Computer Science program is supported by a collaborative NSF grant between these schools. An initial year-long version of the program, WES-CS, was run by Prof Susan Horwitz at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. The ideas behind peer-led team learning have been taught nationwide in workshops for faculty; a version of these workshops is being used to train our faculty and peer leaders.

Starting in Fall 2005, programs will be run at each of the participating schools, including the Rutgers RESCS program under the supervision of Professor of Computer Science, Dr. Barbara G. Ryder, in cooperation with Mr. Pradip Hari, co-ordinator for Introduction to Computer Science (CS111).

Emerging Scholars in CS Programs at Sister Schools


RESCS leaders presented information the program at a workshop at two workshops last year:



Professor Barbara G.Ryder
Mr. Pradip Hari

Peer Leaders, Fall 2007

Mai Elsamahy
Alex Luchansky
Mariya Nagorna
Khrystyne Williams

Comments from our peer leaders on why they choose to study Computer Science give a personal view for our participation in this project.

Comments from previous participants in RESCS

How to register for RESCS?

Students who receive an invitation to register for RESCS may do so using these instructions. If you are interested in RESCS and think you meet the requirements to participate, but have not been invited to do so, please go to the the academic dean's office of your undergraduate college to check your eligibilty.

How to contact us?

To send email relating to the RESCS program, please use the following address rescs@cs.rutgers.edu Interested faculty wanting to obtain copies of the exercises used in our program should write us an email.

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