Spatial Data Management Seminar

Department of Computer Science

Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech



Fall 2010 Research Presentation
Friday(3:00-5:00PM), Sunday (3:30-5:30PM)
(05-07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12)

2 9/3(F) Chad Steel Naïve Bayesian – Face Anthropometry C.T.
2 9/5(S)
3 9/10(F) Yencheng Lu CapTOP Project Yao-Ching Peng
3 9/12(S)
4 9/17(F) Xutong LiuFeng Chen GLS-SOD: A Generalized Local Statistical Approach for Spatial Outlier Detection Yencheng Lu
4 9/19(S) Manu Shukla Map Object Tree Yencheng Lu
Changshu Jian Spatial-Temporal-Textual Crime Search Engine
5 9/24(F) Yang Chen Linear Algebra: Four Fundamental Subspace Xutong Liu
Feng Chen Human Activity Mining Using Residential Smarter Meters
5 9/26(S) Sumit Shah

Introduction to Mobile Information Retrieval

Xutong Liu
Ray DosSantos Spatial Feature Expansion Based on Semantic Footprints
6 10/1(F) Chad Steel Cardioidal Strain and CP Detection Yao-Ching Peng
Eric Franklin Crime Information Retrieval Analysis System
Feng Chen Local Based Algorithms for Mining Spatial Data
6 10/3(S)
7 10/8(F) Yencheng Lu Sentiment Analysis of Blogs by Combining Lexical Knowledge with Text Classification Xutong Liu
7 10/10(S)
8 10/15(F) Yang Chen Learning Classifiers from only Positive and Unlabeled Data Changshu Jian
Zhongmin Ma Prediction and Simulation In Categorical Fields: A
Transition Probability Combination Approach
8 10/17(S) Manu Shukla Map Object Tree Sumit Shah
Xutong Liu Spatial Outlier Detection: Random Walk Based Approaches
9 10/22(F) Yang Chen Clustering by Passing Messages Between Data Points Yang Chen
Changshu Jian Detector Data Quality Report
9 10/24(S)
10 10/29(F) Xutong Liu   Feng Chen
Zhongmin Ma A Data Perturbation Approach to Sensitive Classification Rule Hiding
10 10/31(S) Sumit Shah

Mining Interesting Locations and Travel Sequences from GPS Trajectories

Yang Chen
Ray DosSantos

Relating Uncertain Features In Spatio-Temporal Regions

11 11/5(F) Yao-Ching Peng Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse (SGIC) Yang Chen
11 11/7(S) Yencheng Lu CapTOP Data Integration, Visualization and Analysis Project Zhongmin Ma
12 11/12(F) Zhongmin Ma Video Completion via Motion Guided Spatial-Temporal
Global Optimization
Feng Chen
12 11/14(S)
13 11/19(F) Yao-Ching Peng Data Streaming with Affinity Propagation Changshu Jian
Eric Franklin CIRAS: A Crime Information Retrieval & Analysis System Using A New Combined Ranking Scheme
Ray DosSantos

Region Retrieval Based On Geographic Feature Expansion

13 11/21(S) Sumit Shah

Dynamic Graph Mining

Ray DosSantos
Manu Shukla Hands-On Hadoop Tutorial
14 11/26(F)
(Thanksgiving Holiday)
15 12/3(F) Feng Chen Distributed Kriged Kalman Filter for Spatial Estimation Zhongmin Ma
Chad Steel Progressive Median EMD Indexing
15 12/6(S)
16 12/10(F) Changshu Jian Yellow Button: A Mobile Application for Community Security & Resilience Zhongmin Ma
16 12/12(S) Yao-Ching Peng Social Action Tracking via Noise Tolerant Time-varying Factor Graphs Manu Shukla
Zhongmin Ma Optimal Candidate Generation in Spatial Co-location Mining
17 12/17(F) Yang Chen Hyperlink-Induced Topic Search Algorithm Feng Chen

Spring 2010 Research Presentation

1 1/24(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Research Defense Practice Arnold Boedihardjo
2 1/29(F) Chad Steel Age Detection Chad Steel
2 1/31(S) Shuo Miao Swarm Intelligence BasedClustering & Outlier Detection Shuo Miao
Manu Shukla Brute Force and Indexed Approaches to Pairwise Document Similarity Comparisons with MapReduce
3 2/7(S)
4 2/12(F) Xutong Liu Discovering Spatial Patterns Accurately with Effective Noise Removal Xutong Liu
Sook Shin Ha Enhancing Pathway Based Analysis Using Different Weighting Schemes
4 2/14(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Multi-Query Processing on LR-KDE: Progress Report Manu Shukla
Manu Shukla Exploiting Temporal Contexts in Text Classification
5 2/19(F) Feng Chen A Simple Upper Bounding Algorithm for Complex Functions Changshu Jian
Chad Steel  
Changshu Jian Portal 2.0: Towards a Next-Generation Archived Data User Service
5 2/21(S) Manu Shukla Discovering Spatio-Temporal Mobility Profiles of Cellphone Users

Yencheng Lu

Yencheng Lu Effects of Temporal Data Aggregation on Performance Measures and other ITS Applications
6 2/26(F) Ray DosSantos Web Service Annotation By Ontology Concepts Xutong Liu
6 2/28(S)
7 3/5(F) Yao-Ching Peng Nearest Neighbor Search on Moving Object Trajectories Yencheng Lu
Feng Chen Some Ideas for Formalizing Clustering Schemes
7 3/7(S) Yencheng Lu Hybrid Taguchi-Genetic Algorithm for Global Numerical Optimization Xutong Liu
8 3/12(F) Changshu Jian A Revised R*-tree in Comparison with Related Index Structures Shuo Miao
8 3/14(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Efficient Mining of Massive Data and its Applications
(PET Competition)
Manu Shukla
9 3/19(F) Arnold Boedihardjo Paul E. TorgersenResearch Excellence Competition Chad Steel
Yao-Ching Peng CNN Query
9 3/21(S)
10 3/26(F) Sook Shin Ha A Microarray & Clinical Dataset &  Visualization of Omics Data for Systems Biology Xutong Liu
Xutong Liu Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images
10 3/28(S) Manu Shukla Map Feature Index Manu Shukla
Ray DosSantos Correlating GML data Using Hierarchical Spatial Reasoning
11 4/2(F) Feng Chen Non-Isometric Manifold Learning: Analysis and an Algorithm Yencheng
11 4/4(S) Yencheng Lu CapTOP Project Feng Chen
Arnold Boedihardjo Multi-Query Processing on LR-KDE: Progress Report II
12 4/11(S)
13 4/18(S) Yao-Ching Peng Incorporating Site-Level Knowledge for Incremental Crawling of Web Forums: A List-wise Strategy Feng Chen
14 4/23(F) Xutong Liu Detection of Local Anomalies in High Resolution Hyperspectral Imagery using Geostatistical Filtering and Local Spatial Statistics Xutong Liu
Ray DosSantos Spatial XML Queries Based on Semantic Footprints
14 4/25(S) Yencheng Lu Automatic Bottleneck Detection Tools Changshu Jian
Manu Shukla Map Object Tree
15 4/30(F) Chad Steel Naïve Bayesian – Face Anthropometry Chad Steel
15 5/2(S)
16 5/9(S) Arnold BoedihardjoShuo Miao Multi-Query Processing on LR-KDE: Experimental Result Manu Shukla
Manu Shukla Map Object Tree
17 5/14(F) Ray DosSantos Feature Augmentation for Spatial XML Based on Semantic Footprints Chad
Changshu Jian Visualization Evaluation Framework for Traffic Data
17 5/16(S)
(NCR Commencement)
18 5/21(F) Xutong Liu Random Walks on the Click Graph Xutong Liu
Yencheng Lu CapTOP Project (2)

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