Spatial Data Management Seminar

Department of Computer Science

Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech



Fall 2012 Research Presentation
Friday(3:30-5:30PM), Sunday (10:00AM-Noon)
(05-07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12)

1 8/31(F) Ray DosSantos

Data Analysis in Spatial Contexts

Bingsheng Wang
2 9/7(F) Bingsheng Wang Storytelling in Entity Networks to Support Intelligence Analysts Yencheng Lu
2 9/9(S) Manu Shukla Client-side Map Object Index Sumit Shah
Yencheng Lu CapTOP Data Integration, Visualization and Analysis Project
3 9/14(F) Yencheng Lu CapTOP Data Integration, Visualization and Analysis Project Ting Hua
Haili Dong CapTOP Data Integration, Visualization and Analysis Project
4 9/23(S) Ray DosSantos

Semantic Similarity Measures

Manu Shukla
Jeffrey Kendall A Probabilistic Framework for Crime Analysis
Sumit Shah Twitter Topic Analysis
5 9/28(F) Kaiqun Fu Negative Emotions Accelerating Users Activity in BBC Forum Yencheng Lu
6 10/5(F) Haili Dong Feature Selection for Sentiment Analysis Based on Content and Syntax Models Bingsheng Wang
Liang Zhao Unrest-related Hashtag Extraction
6 10/7(S) Sumit Shah Connecting Two (or Less) Dots: Discovering Structure in News Articles Ray DosSantos
Manu Shukla Distributed Social Media Data Mining
7 10/14(S) Ray DosSantos

Big Ontology for Big Data

Liang Zhao
Yencheng Lu Robust Error Buffering Anomaly Detection for Mixed-type Data
8 10/19(F) Haili Dong Machine Learning for Sequential Data Kaiqun Fu
Bingsheng Wang Deep Learning for Efficient Discriminative Parsing
8 10/21(S) Sumit Shah Data Mining with Social and Trajectory Data Ray DosSantos
Ting Hua Supervised Keyword Selection for Social Unrest Warnings
9 10/26(F) Yencheng Lu Disaggregating Categories of Electrical Energy
end-use from Whole-House Hourly data
Liang Zhao
Kaiqun Fu An Automatic Method to Generate the Emotional Vectors of Emoticons Using Blog Articles
10 11/2(F) Ting Hua Towards Social User Profiling: Unified and Discriminative Influence Model for Inferring Home Locations Haili Dong
10 11/4(S) Ray DosSantos

Towards Ontological Similarity for Spatial Hierarchies

Haili Dong
11 11/9(F) Kaiqun Fu Reliability Considerations of Communication Systems Liang Zhao
12 11/16(F) Haili Dong Paraphrase Detection Using Recursive Autoencoder Kaiqun Fu
Bingsheng Wang Lock-Free Approaches to Parallelizing Stochastic Gradient Descent
12 11/18(S) Ting Hua Semi-supervised Unrest Event Detection Manu Shukla
13 11/23(F)
Thanksgiving Holiday
14 12/2(S) Manu Shukla A Multivariate Bayesian Scan Statistic for Early Event Detection and Characterization Jeffrey Kendall
Liang Zhao .
Bingsheng Wang Signal Disaggregation via Sparse Coding with Featured Discriminative Dictionary
Ting Hua Earthquake Shakes Twitter User: Analyzing Tweets for Real-Time Event Detection
15 12/7(F) Haili Dong Dynamic Pooling and Unfolding Recursive Autoencoders for Paraphrase Detection Yencheng Lu
Kaiqun Fu Topic-Sentiment Mixture: Modeling Facets and Opinions
in Weblogs
16 12/14(F) Yencheng Lu CapTOP System Introduction Ting Hua

Spring 2012 Research Presentation

4 2/10(F) Chad Steel Pornography Detection – Cascading Classifier Using Mask-SIFT Shaymaa Khater
4 2/12(S) Manu Shukla Near-dup Detection Xutong Liu
Sumit Shah Crime Analytics using Topic Modeling on Twitter
5 2/17(F) Ray DosSantos

Temporal Document Relatedness Based on Spatio-Semantic Similarity

Xutong Liu
5 2/19(S) Xutong Liu Graph-based Outlier Detection Manu Shukla
John Brewer Android REST Client Applications
Haili Dong Practical Implementation of an Efficient Forward-Backward Algorithm for an Explicit-Duration Hidden Markov Model
6 2/24(F) Shaymaa Khater Nokia Mobile Data Challenge (MDC) Haili Dong
6 2/26(S)
7 3/2(F) Xutong Liu Ensemble Ranker in STT Information Retrieval Ray DosSantos
Haili Dong Graphical Models
Chad Steel Child Pornography - Current Research Papers
7 3/4(S) Feng Chen Recent Advances in Bayesian Inference Techniques John Brewer
Yencheng Lu Autoregressive HMM Based Trajectory Modeling on Social Network
8 3/9(F)
(Spring Break)
8 3/11(S) John Brewer Efficient Processing of Top-k Spatial Keyword Queries Sumit Shah
Manu Shukla Spatial Index and Spatial Statistics
9 3/16(F) Ray DosSantos Entity Relatedness Based on Ontological Similarity Xutong Liu
9 3/18(S)
10 3/23(F) Xutong Liu Query Dependent Ranking using K-Nearest Neighbor Yencheng Lu
Haili Dong EM Algorithms for Multivariate Gaussian Mixture Models with Truncated and Censored Data
10 3/25(S)
11 3/30(F) Yencheng Lu Learning the k in k-means Xutong Liu
Haili Dong Optimal Resource Allocation for Pervasive Health Monitoring Systems with Body Sensor Networ
11 4/1(S) Bingsheng Wang Hedonic Coalition Formation for Distributed Task Allocation among Wireless Agents Ray DosSantos
John Brewer Global Terrorism Database
Sumit Shah Location Based Topic Modeling
12 4/6(F) Xutong Liu Feature Selection for Ranking Haili Dong
12 4/8(S)
13 4/13(F) Yencheng Lu Robust Anomaly Detection for Mixed-typed Data Feng Chen
Bingsheng Wang Load Balancing for Term-Distributed Parallel Retrieval
13 4/15(S) Ray DosSantos

On the Preservation of Spatial Hierarchies for Uncertain Ontological Models

John Brewer
Manu Shukla Split Spatial Index
Jeffrey Kendall Distant Supervision for Relation Extraction Without Labeled Data
15 4/27(F) Xutong Liu Experiment Result Comparison on Multivariate Prediction Approaches Feng Chen
Haili Dong Support Vector Machines
15 4/29(S)
16 5/6(S) Manu Shukla Comparative Analysis Haili Dong
17 5/11(F) Ray DosSantos

Non-Metic Spatial Hierarchies for  Ontological Models

Bingsheng Wang
Haili Dong Introduction to Bayesian Inference
17 5/13(S)
(NCR Commencement)

English Presentation

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Dong, Haili
Wang, Bingsheng

Spring 2011 Research Presentation

Seminar Series at Blacksburg, NVC Location and Driving Direction