Spatial Data Management Seminar

Department of Computer Science

Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech



Fall 2009 Research Presentation
Friday(3:00-5:00PM), Sunday (3:30-5:30PM)
(05-07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12)

1 8/28(F) Jing (David) Dai Efficient Concurrent Operations in Spatial Databases (Final Defense) Xutong Liu
1 8/30(S) Jing (David) Dai Efficient Concurrent Operations in Spatial Databases (Final Defense) Arnold Boedihardjo
Shailesh Deshpande A Case–driven Comparison of Freeway
Performance Measurement Systems
Manu Shukla Co-Clustering on Manifolds
2 9/6(S) Feng Chen Global Coordination of Local Linear Models Arnold Boedihardjo
Xutong Liu Online Outlier Detection in Sensor Data Using Non-Parametric Models
3 9/11(F) Ray DosSantos Building GML-native Web-based GIS Feng Chen
Chad Steel How not to get published
3 9/13(S)
4 9/18(F) Changshu Jian Introduction to PeMS-1 Changshu Jian
4 9/20(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Summary of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) Methodologies Xutong Liu
Changshu Jian Introduction to PeMS-2
Manu Shukla MF Tree Implementation
5 9/25(F) Xutong Liu The Hotspot Matrix as a Framework for the Spatio-temporal Targeting of Crime Reduction Arnold Boedihardjo
5 9/27(S) Ray DosSantos Query Filtering Under a GML Pre-Processor Shailesh Deshpande
Shailesh Deshpande Data Aggregation in PeMS and HOMES
6 10/4(S)
7 10/9(F) Shuo Miao Efficient Query Processing in Geographic Web Search Engines Chad Steel
7 10/11(S)
8 10/16(F) Xutong Liu Temporal Outlier Detection in Vehicle Traffic Data Xutong Liu
Ray DosSantos

Structural Conflicts in XML Schemas Matching

8 10/18(S) Feng Chen Manifold Learning
Ray DosSantos
Arnold Boedihardjo Comparative Analysis of Estimator AMISE
Changshu Jian Data Analysis Experiment on HOMES
Manu Shukla Association Thesaurus Construction Methods based on Link Co-occurrence Analysis for Wikipedia
9 10/23(F) YaoChing Peng Decision Based Spatial Analysis of Crime Shuo Miao
9 10/25(S)
10 11/1(S) Ray DosSantos Flexible Provisioning of Web Service Workflows Manu Shukla
Shailesh Deshpande HOMES Recommendations
11 11/6(F) Feng Chen Manifold Alighment using Procrustes Analysis Feng Chen
Shuo Miao Unsupervised Clustering for Spatial Outlier Detection
11 11/8(S) Xutong Liu Trajectory Outlier Detection: A partition-and-Detect Framework Ray DosSantos
Arnold Boedihardjo Local Region KDE and Concept Drift
YaoChing Peng Prediction of Crime/Terrorist Event Locations
12 11/15(S)
13 11/20(F) Shuo Miao The MV3R-Tree: A Spatio-Temporal Access Method for Timestamp and Interval Queries Shuo Miao
14 11/27(F)
(Thanksgiving Holiday)
15 12/6(S)
16 12/11(F) YaoChing Peng Smart Grid Information Clearinghouse YaoChing Peng
16 12/13(S) Feng Chen On Spatial Outlier Detection: A Simulation Study Feng Chen
Shailesh Deshpande HOMES Recommendations

Summer 2009 Research Presentation

2 6/12(F) Feng Chen Structure Preserving Embedding Arnold Boedihardjo
Xutong Liu Detecting Distance-Based Outliers in Streams of Data
2 6/14(S) Manu Shukla MF Tree Comparisons Manu Shukla
3 6/19(F) Ray DosSantos Ontologies - Design Arnold Boedihardjo
3 6/21(S) Jing (David) Dai Disposable Index for Moving Objects Jing (David) Dai
Shuo Miao Trajectory Pattern Mining
4 6/26(F) Xutong Liu Clustering Spatial Data Using Random Walk Feng Chen
4 6/28(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Local Region KDE Mark Everline
Shailesh Deshpande Music Information Retrieval
5 7/3(F) Ray DosSantos

Footprint Annotation For XML Schemas of Geospatial Web Services

Arnold Boedihardjo
Manu Shukla Spatiotemporal Pattern Mining Technique for Location-Based Service System
Mark Everline Detecting Change in Data Stream: Using Sampling Technique
5 7/5(S)
6 7/10(F) YaoChing Peng Topic Modeling with Network Regularization Xutong Liu
Xutong Liu Ranking Outliers Using Symmetric Neighborhood Relationship
6 7/12(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Spatial Analysis of Crime Data: A Case Study Jing (David) Dai
Jing (David) Dai DRIVE - Disseminating Resource Information in VEhicular and other mobile peer-to-peer networks
Feng Chen Nearest Neighbors in High-Dimensional Data – The Emergence and Influence of Hubs
7 7/17(F) Chad Steel Impossibility Mining Xutong Liu
7 7/19(S) Shailesh Deshpande A Case–driven Comparison of Freeway Performance Measurement Systems Jing (David) Dai
Manu Shukla Deciphering Mobile Search Patterns: A Study of Yahoo! Mobile Search Queries
Ray DosSantos XML Schema Integration
8 7/26(S)
9 7/31(F) Xutong Liu Semi‐supervised Classification from Discriminative Random Walks YaoChing Peng
Feng Chen Large Scale Manifold Transduction
9 8/2(S) Jing (David) Dai Cell Phone Calling Behavior Anaylsis Manu Shukla
Manu Shukla Efficient Valid Scope Computation for Location-Dependent Spatial Queries in Mobile and Wireless Environments
10 8/7(F) YaoChing Peng Crime Search Engine & Heat Map Mark Mitchell
10 8/9(S) Mark Everline Summary of Findings- Heat Map and Data Stream Shailesh Deshpande
11 8/14(F) Arnold Boedihardjo Bayesian network classification using spline-approximated KDE Wendell Jordan-Brangman
11 8/16(S)
12 8/21(F) Feng Chen Semi-supervised Learning, Manifold Methods Feng Chen
Ray DosSantos A Hybrid Match Algorithm for XML Schemas
12 8/23(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Multivariate Local Region KDE Shuo Miao
Shuo Miao Mining, Indexing, and Querying Historical Spatiotemporal Data

Spring 2009 Research Presentation

0 1/16(F) Qifeng (Luke) Lu Bivariate Best First Searches to Process Category-based Queries Arnold Boedihardjo
0 1/18(S) Feng Chen Inference and Propagation Algorithms Feng Chen
1 1/23(F) Chad Steel Hard Drive Data Recovery Arnold Boedihardjo
Jing David Dai ST2B-tree: A Self-Tunable Spatio-Temporal B+-tree Index for Moving Objects
1 1/25(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Efficient Algorithms for Mining Data Streams (Research Proposal) Jing David Dai
Qifeng (Luke) Lu Bivariate Best First Searches to Process Category-based Queries
2 1/30(F) Chia-Shen Lee Unsupervised pattern mining from symbolic temporal data Chia-Shen Lee
Wendell Jordan-Brangman Angle-based Outlier Detection
2 2/1(S) Manu Shukla Geographic Scope Modeling for Web Documents Mark Everline
Mark Everline Crime Heat Maps
Qifeng (Luke) Lu Bivariate Best First Searches to Process Category-based Queries
3 2/6(F) Arnold Boedihardjo   Jing David Dai
3 2/8(S)
4 2/13(F) Jing David Dai A Concurrency Control Protocol for Continuously Monitoring Moving Objects Arnold Boedihardjo
Shuo Miao Preventing Location-Based Identity Inference in Anonymous Spatial Queries
4 2/15(S) Ray DosSantos

A Look Into GML and KML

Ray DosSantos
Feng Chen Outlier Detection Using Isolation Forest
5 2/20(F) Chad Steel Dissertation Roadmap – Automated Hard Drive Child Pornography Detection Arnold Boedihardjo
Anish Sunkara Hybrid Index Structures for Location-based Web Search
5 2/22(S) Manu Shukla Geo-indexing Manu Shukla
Mark Mitchell Software Performance Testing
6 2/27(F) Xutong Liu Design and Implementation of a Geographic Search Engine Xutong Liu
Chia-Shen Lee FAST: A ROC-based Feature Selection Metric for Small Samples and Imbalanced Data Classification Problems
Shuo Miao Mobile Crime Information System
6 3/1(S)
7 3/6(F) Anish Sunkara Extracting Metadata for Spatially-Aware Information Retrieval on the Internet Jing David Dai
Ray DosSantos

Spatial Capabilities of KML

7 3/8(S) Jing David Dai A Concurrency Control Protocol for Continuously Monitoring Moving Objects Jing David Dai
Mark Everline Spatially Ordered Treemaps
8 3/13(F) Chia-Shen Lee Partitioned Logistic Regression for Spam Filtering Xutong Liu
Xutong Liu An Efficient Clustering Algorithm in Ad-Hoc Networks
8 3/15(S) Manu Shukla MF Tree Comparisons Feng Chen
Feng Chen Local Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Supervised Dimensionality Reduction
Shuo Miao Query Processing in Spatial Network Databases
9 3/22(S)
10 3/27(F) Jing David Dai A Motion-Aware Approach to Continuous Retrieval of 3D Objects Anish Sunkara
Arnold Boedihardjo Fast Optimal Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Density Estimation
Feng Chen Manifold learning: Locally Linear Embedding
Ray DosSantos Semantically-Assisted Geospatial Workflow Design
11 4/3(F) Xutong Liu Indexing and Ranking in Geo-IR Systems Xutong Liu
Yao-Ching Peng Automatically Identifying Localizable Queries
11 4/5(S) Mark Everline Heatmaps and STING Yao-Ching
Manu Shukla Geographic Information Retrieval in a Mobile Environment: Evaluating the needs of mobile individuals
12 4/10(F) Chad Steel Automated Hard Drive Child Pornography Detection Chad Steel
Xutong Liu Neighborhood Formation and Anomaly Detection in Bipartite Graphs
12 4/12(S)
13 4/17(F) Anish Sunkara Content-based Image Retrieval Anish Sunkara
Shuo Miao Distance Indexing on Road Networks
13 4/19(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Local Region Construction Algorithms for Density Estimation Feng Chen
Feng Chen Latent Dirichlet Allocation
Jing David Dai Concurrent Continuous Monitoring on Moving Wireless Sensors
14 4/24(F) Yao-Ching Peng Neighborhood Restrictions in Geographic IR Xutong Liu
Chia-Shen Lee Feedback Effects between Similarity and Social Influence in Online Communities
14 4/26(S) Manu Shukla Map Feature and User Trajectory filters in GIR Yao-Ching Peng
Ray DosSantos Web Service Flow Language
15 5/1(F) Arnold Boedihardjo Mining Complex Spatio‐Temporal Patterns Feng Chen
Feng Chen Isomap (Nonlinear Dimension Reduction)
15 5/3(S)
16 5/8(F) Jing David Dai Mining Complex C-location Rules Mesbah Islam
16 5/10(S) Mark Everline STING and Heatmaps Mark Everline
17 5/15(F) Chad Steel Pornography Detection through Image Clustering Chad Steel
Yao-Ching Peng Spatial Variation in Search Engine Queries
Mark Mitchell Software Performance Testing
17 5/17(S)
NCR Commencement
18 5/22(F) Xutong Liu Outlier Detection Using Random Walk Xutong
18 5/23(Sa)
Memorial Weekend (Group Picnic)
19 5/29(F) Ray DosSantos Semantic e-Workflow Composition Ray DosSantos
19 5/31(S) Arnold Boedihardjo Local Region KDE – Simulation Results Manu Shukla
Yao-Ching Peng Finding Question-Answer Pairs from Online Forums

Seminar Series at Blacksburg, NVC Location and Driving Direction