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Daphne Yao's short bio, LONG CV, publications, research, CyberW.

Our paper on data breach prevention was the No. 1 most downloaded in 2019 at WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery.

Daphne's keynotes on data breach prevention at Brown's Executive Master Program in Cybersecurity in Part 1 and Part 2, and IEEE SPS.

Daphne's ACM Turing Conference '19 keynote slides on deployable and measurable security are HERE.

Call for deployable and impactful security work at ACSAC 2020.

Daphne's ACM SACMAT '18 keynote slides on data breach are HERE.

Daphne's talk (slides here) on imposter syndrome and strategies for researchers to overcome it. PDF

Keynote slides on cloud data analytics at the ACM ASIACCS Cloud Security Workshop (SCC) are HERE.

ACM SIGSAC Women in Cybersecurity Research Workshop (CyberW) 2020 was a success!!
Check out the videos and slides and the inaugural CyberW Early Career Award winners!

Daphne's ACM CCS '16 tutorial on program anomaly detection . Slides are here.

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