Computer Science Seminar Series

Department of Computer Science

Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech

Spring 2012, NVC325, Friday 1-2PM
(08, 09S,09F, 10S, 10F, 11S, 11F, 12S, 12F, 13S, 13F, 14S, 14F,15S,15F,
16S, 16F, 17S, 17F, 18S,18F,19S,19F,20S,20F,21S,21F,22S)

Week Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Abs & Bio
5 2/17 Prof. Jon Froehlich Dept. of Computer Science
U. of Maryland
Sensing and Feedback of Everyday Activities to
Promote Proenvironmental Behaviors
6 2/24 Dr. Prasad Calyam Ohio Supercomputer Center
Ohio State University
User Quality-of-Experience Delivery through Context-aware Resource Adaptation Abstrct
8 3/9
Spring Break
9 3/16 Prof. Amarda Shuhu Dept. of Computer Science
George Mason University
Probabilistic Methods for Structural Characterization of Protein Systems Abstract
10 3/23 Prof. Erion Plaku Dept. of EECS
Catholic U. of America

Planning Robot Motions to Accomplish High-Level Tasks

11 3/30 Dr. Bai Zhang School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
Learning Structural Changes of Gaussian Graphical Models between Two Experimental Conditions Abstract
13 4/13 Prof. Jens-Peter Kaps Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
George Mason University
Evaluating Implementations of SHA-3 Candidates Abstract
14 4/20 Dr. Li (Lily) Chen School of Medicine
Johns Hopkins University
Identifying Protein Interaction Subnetworks by A Bootstrapping Markov Random Field-based Method Abstract
15 4/27 Prof. Claire Monteleoni Dept. of Computer Science
George Washington University
Clustering Algorithms for Streaming and Online Settings Abstract

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