Computer Science Seminar Series

Department of Computer Science

Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech

Spring 2018, NVC T3, Friday 1-2PM
(08, 09S,09F, 10S, 10F, 11S, 11F, 12S, 12F, 13S, 13F, 14S, 14F,15S,15F,
16S, 16F, 17S, 17F, 18S,18F,19S,19F,20S,20F,21S,21F,22S)

Week Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Abs & Bio
4 2/9 Prof. Chun-Hung Chen Dept. of Systems Engineering
& Operations Research
George Mason University
Efficient Simulation-based Optimization via Optimal Search, Sampling, and Space Transformation Abstract
5 2/14
Dr. Jin-Hee Cho Army Research Lab Percolation Theoretic Adaptations for Cyber Resilience Abstract


Prof. Kun Sun Department of Information
Sciences and Technology
George Mason University
Using ARM Cache Incoherence for Good and Bad Abstract
8 3/9
Spring Break
9 3/16 Prof. Hernisa Kacorri College of Information
Studies (iSchool)
University of Maryland
Accessible, Assistive, and Rehabilitative
Technologies at the Intersection of Users and Data
11 3/30 Prof. Yue Cheng Department of Computer Science
George Mason University

Breaking the Monolith: Rethinking Storage System Design

13 4/13 Prof. Nathan Schneider Department of Computer Science
Georgetown University
The Ins and Outs of Preposition Semantics: Challenges in Comprehensive Corpus Annotation and Automatic Disambiguation Abstract
14 4/20 Prof. Xiaodi Wu Dept. of Computer Science
University of Maryland
College Park
15 4/27 Prof. Joel Chan College of Information
Studies (iSchool)
University of Maryland

Back to the Future: How people construct new creative ideas from old knowledge, and how technology can help


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CS BB Seminar, Math Application Seminar(GWU)
VT NVC, Virginia Tech