Computer Science Seminar Series

Department of Computer Science

Northern Virginia Center, Virginia Tech

Spring 2016, NVC R325, Friday 1-2PM
(08, 09S,09F, 10S, 10F, 11S, 11F, 12S, 12F, 13S, 13F, 14S, 14F,15S,15F,
16S, 16F, 17S, 17F, 18S,18F,19S,19F,20S,20F,21S,21F,22S)

Week Date Speaker Affiliation Topic Abs & Bio
2 1/29 Prof. Michelle Mazurek

Dept. of Computer Science
U. of Maryland

Measuring Password Guessability for an Entire University Abstract
3 2/5 Prof. Paul Delamater Dept. of Geography and
Geoinformation Science
George Mason U.

Estimating Community-level Vaccination Coverage using School-level Data and Population Mobility Information

5 2/16 (Tu) Prof. Chandan Reddy Dept. of Computer Science
Wayne State U.
Mining Critical Events in Longitudinal Data:
Challenges and Opportunities
8 3/11
Spring Break
9 3/15 (Tu) Prof. Xiang Zhang Dept. of EECS
Case Western Reserve U.
Scalable, Robust and Integrative Algorithms for Analyzing Big Network Data Abstract
10 3/22 (Tu) Prof. Heng Huang Dept. of CSE
U. of Texas at Arlington
Large-Scale Structured Sparse Learning with Applications in Imaging Genomics Abstract
11 4/1 Dr. Raimundo DosSantos Engineering Research and
Development Center
Army Corps of Engineers
Methods and Applications of Semantic Storytelling Abstract
12 4/8 Prof. Tom Goldstein Dept. of CS
U. of Maryland
Scalable Methods for Large-scale Machine Learning and Sparse Signal Recovery Abstract
13 4/15 Prof. Neil Spring Dept. of CS
U. of Maryland
The Unexpected Responsiveness of Internet Hosts Abstract

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