Na Meng

Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Virginia Tech

2226 KWII

My research interests include Software Engineering and Programming Languages.

If you're a VT CS graduate or undergraduate student interested in working with me, please send me an e-mail.


12/2017: Our paper on "Secure Coding Practices in Java: Challenges and Vulnerabilities" is accepted by ICSE 2018.

11/2017: Our paper on "Towards Reusing Hints from Past Fixes--An Exploratory Study on Thousands of Real Samples" is accepted by Empirical Software Engineering (journal).

09/2017: I got invited to give a talk at WISE 2017, a workshop co-located with ASE 2017.

08/2017: Our research tool CCLearner has passed ICSME artifact evaluation!

06/2017: Our paper on "A Characterization Study of Repeated Bug Fixes" got accepted by ICSME 2017.

06/2017: Our paper on "CCLearner: A Deep Learning-Based Clone Detection Approach" got accepted by ICSME 2017.

05/2017: The ONR proposal with Daphne (PI) and Trent (co-PI) on data-driven vulnerability repair got funded.

03/2017: I got invited to attend the LATTICE symposium for early career women in engineering.

02/2017: Our paper "How Does Execution Information Help with Information-Retrieval Based Bug Localization?" got accepted by ICPC 2017.

12/2016: Our poster "An Empirical Study on Using Hints from Past Fixes" got accepted by ICSE 2017.

06/2016: Our poster "Trifest: Automated Inference for Probabilistic Systems" got accepted by USENIX ATC '16.

03/2016: Our patent application ``System to uncover root cause of non-deterministic (flaky) tests'' got approved.

03/2016: My CRII proposal got funded by NSF (sole PI).

Current Students

Ye Wang (PhD student)
Shengzhe Xu (PhD student)

Graduated Students

Zhenshu Zhao (Bachelor => Graduate Student at CMU-Silicon Valley)


CS6704: Software Engineering Research [Spring17]
CS5704: Software Engineering [Spring16]
CS3304: Comparative Languages [Fall16] [Fall17]
CS3704: Intermediate Software Design and Engineering [Fall15]


A complete list of publications can be found here


System to uncover root cause of non-deterministic (flaky) tests (Patent Number 9,311,220).
Jungwoo Ha, Jaeheon Yi, Peter Dinges, Jeremy Manson, Caitlin Harrison Sadowski, Na Meng


The implementations from nearly all of my publications are publicly available. Other researchers have used several of these implementations in their publications. See projects for details.