Adrian Sandu’s full CV

Adrian Sandu’s publications (bib)

Adrian Sandu’s research interests are in the area of computational science and engineering. His professional goals are:

  • to develop innovative computational techniques for solving important science and engineering applications, and
  • to educate the next generation of computational scientists.

Selected Honors

  • ACM Distinguished Scientist
  • Honorary Fellow of the European Society of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering
  • Virginia Tech College of Engineering Fellow
  • Professional Engineers Publishing Award
  • NSF CAREER Award

Work Experience

Adrian Sandu worked as a computer programmer (ICI Bucharest), instructor (T.U. Bucharest), graduate assistant (U. Iowa), postdoctoral research associate (Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences). Between 1998-2003 he was Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Michigan Tech. Since 2003 he serves as faculty in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech.