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This page contains archives of articles posted to the 3D User Interface(3D UI) mailing list. The articles will be organized chronologically, withthe most recent articles first. Please note that due to the internationalnature of this group, and the way UNIX interprets time zone differences,some dates may be inconsistent (e.g. a message is replied to before itis sent). However, the volume of messages will generally be low, so itshould not be too difficult to figure out the correct threading.

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To subscribe to the mailing list, send email to IvanPoupyrev orDoug Bowman. To sendan article to the list, send email to3d-ui@hitl.washington.edu.

Articles from 2001

12/18/01 11/28/01 11/26/01 11/25/01 11/23/01 11/22/01 11/21/01 11/19/01 11/12/01

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