Na Meng

Assistant Professor
Computer Science
Virginia Tech

2226 KWII

Na Meng is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Virginia Tech since 2015. Before 2015, she received her B.E. in Software Engineering from Northeastern University (NEU) in China in 2006, and received her M.S. in Computer Science from Peking University in China in 2009. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin in 2014, advised by Miryung Kim and Kathryn S. McKinley. Her research interests include Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Software Security, and Artificial Intelligence. Her research group NiSE (iNnovations in Software Engineering) conduct various empirical studies and propose novel automatic approaches. The research mission is to reveal unknown and interesting phenomena in current software practices, to invent new tools that facilitate better software development and maintenance in the future, and to help with secure coding practices by developers. In particular, the group developed machine learning-based approaches to analyze source code and to predict developers' maintenance needs in the future. They also developed software engineering-based or programming language-based approaches to improve AI techniques. Dr. Meng received the NSF CAREER Award in 2019. Her research has been supported by NSF and ONR.


03/2021: Our paper on "PDL: Scaffolding Problem Solving in Programming Courses" is accepted by ITiCSE 2021.

12/2020: Our paper on "Exploring the Triggering Modes of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization: An Industrial Case" is accepted by ICST 2021.

12/2020: Our paper on "Hero: On the Chaos When PATH Meets Modules" is accepted by ICSE 2021.

Current Students

Bowen Shen (PhD student, Fall 2018 - )
Ying Zhang (PhD student, Spring 2019 - )
Mahir Kabir (PhD student, Fall 2019 - )
Sheikh Shadab Towqir (PhD student, Spring 2020 - )
Sheik Murad Hassan (PhD student, Spring 2020 - ) murad@vt.ed
Tung Dao (PhD student, Fall 2020 - )
Yan Zhao (MS student, Fall 2019 - )
Yaxuan Zhang (MS student, Spring 2020 - )
Rahul Agarwal (MS student, Spring 2020 - )
Hanwen Liu (MS student, Summer 2020 - )

Graduated Students

Zijian Jiang (2020 MS => Bloomberg)
Pronnoy Goswami (2020 MS => Microsoft)
Ye Wang (2020 MS)
Chengyuan Wen (2019 MS => NetEase Inc.)
Mengsu Chen (2018 MS => Productiv Inc.)
Tung Dao (2017 MS => Cvent Inc.)
Zhiyuan Li (2020 BS)
Cihan Xiao (2019 BS)
Sophia Kobelja (2017 BS => Software Engineer at SimonComputing, Inc.)
Zhenshu Zhao (2016 BS => Graduate Student at CMU-Silicon Valley)


CS6704: Software Engineering Research [Spring17][Spring19][Spring21]
CS5704: Software Engineering [Spring16][Spring18][Spring20]
CS3304: Comparative Languages [Fall16][Fall17][Fall18][Fall20]
CS3704: Intermediate Software Design and Engineering [Fall15][Fall19]

Selected Research Topics

Security coding practices [SecDev20][TIFS19][ICSE19][ICSE18]
Artificial intelligence and software engineering[TDSC19] [IJCAI19][ICSME18a][ICSME17a]
Automated program transformations [ASE20][ICPC19][MOBILESoft18][ICSE15][ICSE13][PLDI11]
Software Bugs and Fixes (Data analytics on Programs and Program Changes)[JSS19][ICSME18b][EMSE17][ICSME17b][ICPC17]
Program comprehension[ICSE20][LCTES19][JSS18]


A complete list of publications can be found here


System to uncover root cause of non-deterministic (flaky) tests (Patent Number 9,311,220).
Jungwoo Ha, Jaeheon Yi, Peter Dinges, Jeremy Manson, Caitlin Harrison Sadowski, Na Meng


The implementations from nearly all of my publications are publicly available. Other researchers have used several of these implementations in their publications. See projects for details.



NSF-2006278, NSF-1929701, NSF-1845446, ONR N00014-17-1-2498, NSF-1565827