Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM) UniLoc: Unified Fault Localization of Continuous Integration Failures
Foyzul Hassan, Na Meng, Xiaoyin Wang


SETTA 2022 Mastery: Shifted-Code-Aware Structured Merging [PDF]
Fengmin Zhu, Xingyu Xie, Dongyu Feng, Na Meng, Fei He
Best Paper Award
SecDev 2022 How Do Developers Follow Security-Relevant Best Practices When Using NPM Packages? [PDF]
Md Mahir Asef Kabir, Ying Wang, Danfeng(Daphne) Yao, Na Meng
ASE 2022 Detecting Build Conflicts in Software Merge for Java Programs via Static Analysis [PDF]
Sheikh Shadab Towqir, Bowen Shen, Muhammad Ali Gulzar, Na Meng
Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (TOSEM) A Characterization Study of Merge Conflicts in Java Projects [PDF]
Bowen Shen, Muhammad Ali Gulzar, Fei He, Na Meng
ICSE 2022 Poster Comprehensive Comparisons of Embedding Approaches for Cryptographic API Completion [PDF]
Ya Xiao, Salman Ahmed, Xinyang Ge, Bimal Viswanath, Na Meng, Daphne Yao
ICPC 2022 Example-Based Vulnerability Detection and Repair in Java Code [PDF][YouTube]
Ying Zhang, Ya Xiao, Md Mahir Asef Kabir, Daphne Yao, Na Meng
IEEE Security & Privacy Being the Developers’ Friend: Our Experience Developing a High Precision Tool for Secure Coding [PDF]
Danfeng (Daphne) Yao, Sazzadur Rahaman, Ya Xiao, Sharmin Afrose, Miles Frantz, Ke Tian, Na Meng, Cristina Cifuentes, Yang Zhao, Nicholas Allen, Nathan Keynes, Barton P. Miller, Elisa Heymann, Murat Kantarcioglu, Fahad Shaon
Transactions on Software Engineering (TSE) Automatic Detection of Java Cryptographic API Misuses: Are We There Yet? [PDF]
Ying Zhang, Md Mahir Asef Kabir, Ya Xiao, Daphne Yao, Na Meng
Journal of Building Engineering A Cost-Effective, Scalable, and Portable IoT Data Infrastructure for Indoor Environment Sensing [Preprint][LinkToPaper]
Sheik Murad Hassan Anik, Xinghua Gao, Na Meng, Philip R Agee, Andrew P McCoy
SANER 2022 A Lightweight Approach of Human-Like Playtest for Android Apps [PDF][YouTube]
Yan Zhao, Enyi Tang, Haipeng Cai, Xi Guo, Xiaoyin Wang, Na Meng
Acceptance Ratio: 24.1% (48/199)
CI & CRC Joint Conference Graph-Based Simulation for Cyber-Physical Attacks on Smart Buildings [PDF]
Rahul Agarwal, Na Meng, Xinghua Gao, Yuqing Liu


Book Chapter CCLearner: Clone Detection via Deep Learning [Preprint]
Liuqing Li, He Feng, Na Meng, Barbara Ryder, in book Code Clone Analysis
Journal of Systems and Software (JSS) Investigating and Recommending Co-Changed Entities for JavaScript Programs [Preprint][LinkToPaper]
Zijian Jiang, Hao Zhong, Na Meng
ESEC/FSE 2021 Generating Efficient Solvers from Constraint Models [PDF][YouTube]
Shu Lin, Na Meng, Wenxin Li
Acceptance Ratio: 24.5%
SCIENCE CHINA Information A Theoretic Framework of Bidirectional Transformation between Systems and Models [PDF]
Sciences (SCIS) Xiao He, Zhenjiang Hu, Na Meng
IJCNN 2021 Classifying Code Commits with Convolutional Neural Networks [PDF][YouTube]
Na Meng, Zijian Jiang, Hao Zhong
ITiCSE 2021 PDL: Scaffolding Problem Solving in Programming Courses [PDF][YouTube]
Shu Lin, Na Meng, Dennis Kafura, Wenxin Li
Acceptance Ratio: 31%
ICST 2021 Exploring the Triggering Modes of Spectrum-Based Fault Localization: An Industrial Case [PDF]
-Industry Track Tung Dao, Max Wang, Na Meng
ICSE-Companion 2021Understanding Language Selection in Multi-language Software Projects on GitHub
Wen Li, Na Meng, Li Li, Haipeng Cai [PDF]
ICSE 2021 Hero: On the Chaos When PATH Meets Modules [PDF]
Ying Wang, Liang Qiao, Chang Xu, Yepang Liu, Shing-Chi Cheung, Na Meng, Hai Yu, Zhiliang Zhu
Acceptance Ratio: 22.9%
ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award


Frontiers in Sustainability Securing Data in Life Sciences – A Plant Food (Edamame) Systems Case Study [PDF]
Susan E. Duncan, Bo Zhang, Wade E. Thomason, Margaret O. Ellis, Na Meng, Michael Stamper, Renata Carneiro, Tiffany A. Drape
ICSME 2020 Investigating The Reproducibility of NPM Packages [PDF][YouTube]
Pronnoy Goswami, Saksham Gupta, Zhiyuan Li, Na Meng, Daphne Yao
Acceptance Ratio: 37.5%
ASE 2020 Inferring and Applying Def-Use Like Configuration Couplings in Deployment Descriptors [PDF]
Chengyuan Wen, Yaxuan Zhang, Xiao He, Na Meng
Acceptance Ratio: 22.5%
SecDev 2020 Coding Practices and Recommendations of Spring Security for Enterprise Applications [PDF]
Mazharul Islam, Sazzadur Rahaman, Na Meng, Behnaz Hassanshahi, Paddy Krishnan, Danfeng (Daphne) Yao
ICSE 2020 An Empirical Study on API Parameter Rules [PDF]
Hao Zhong, Na Meng, Zexuan Li, Li Jia
Acceptance Ratio: 20.9%


Journal of Systems and Software (JSS) Automatic Method Change Suggestion to Complement Multi-Entity Edits [Preprint][LinkToPaper][Software and Data]
Zijian Jiang, Ye Wang, Hao Zhong, Na Meng
Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC) SAIS: Self-Adaptive Identification of Security Bug Reports [PDF]
Shaikh Mostafa, Bridgette Findley, Na Meng, Xiaoyin Wang
IJCAI 2019 Optimizing Constraint Solving via Dynamic Programming [PDF]
Shu Lin, Na Meng, Wenxin Li
Acceptance ratio: 17.9%
CCS'19 Poster Deployment-Quality and Accessible Solutions for Cryptography Code Development [Abstract]
Sazzadur Rahaman, Ya Xiao, Sharmin Afrose, Ke Tian, Miles Frantz, Na Meng, Barton P. Miller, Fahad Shaon, Murat Kantarcioglu, Danfeng (Daphne) Yao
LCTES 2019 Work-In-Progress (WIP) An Empirical Comparison between Monkey Testing and Human Testing [PDF]
Mostafa Mohammed, Haipeng Cai, Na Meng
Book Chapter Software Evolution [PDF]
Miryung Kim, Na Meng, and Tianyi Zhang, in book Handbook of Software Engineering
ICPC 2019 Meditor: Inference and Application of API Migration Edits [PDF][Software]
Shengzhe Xu, Ziqi Dong, Na Meng
Acceptance ratio: 25.8%
ICSE 2019 How Reliable is The Crowdsourced Knowledge of Security Implementation?[PDF][Software]
Mengsu Chen, Felix Fischer, Na Meng, Xiaoyin Wang and Jens Grossklags
Acceptance ratio: 21%
Nominated for the Distinguished Paper Award


Transactions on Information Forensics & Security (TIFS) DroidCat: Effective Android Malware Detection and Categorization via App-Level Profiling [PDF]
Haipeng Cai, Na Meng, Barbara Ryder, and Daphne Yao
SATE18 CMSuggester: Method Change Suggestion to Complement Multi-Entity Edits [PDF]
Acceptance ratio: 26.4%
Recommended to the journal SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences.
Ye Wang, Na Meng, and Hao Zhong
ICSME 2018 NIER track An Empirical Study of Flaky Tests in Android Apps[PDF][Data]
Swapna Thorve, Chandani Shrestha, and Na Meng
ICSME 2018 An Empirical Study of Multi-Entity Changes in Real Bug Fixes[PDF]
Ye Wang, Na Meng, and Hao Zhong
Acceptance ratio: 21.2%
Nominated for the Distinguished Paper Award
ICSME 2018 Automatic Clone Recommendation for Refactoring Based on the Present and the Past[PDF]
Ruru Yue, Zhe Gao, Na Meng, Yingfei Xiong, Xiaoyin Wang, and David Morgenthaler
Acceptance ratio: 21.2%
Nominated for the Distinguished Paper Award
SecDev '18 Tutorial Principles and Practices of Secure Coding
Sazzadur Rahaman, Na Meng, and Daphne Yao
Journal of Systems and Software (Journal First) Lascad: Language-Agnostic Software Categorization and Similar Application Detection [Preprint][Paper]
Doaa Altarawy, Hossameldin Shahin, Ayat Mohammed, and Na Meng
MOBILESoft 2018 Automatic Inference of Java-to-Swift Translation Rules for Porting Mobile Applications [PDF]
Kijin An, Na Meng, and Eli Tilevich
Nominated for the Best Paper Award
ICSE 2018 Secure Coding Practices in Java: Challenges and Vulnerabilities[PDF][Data][Slides]
Na Meng, Stefan Nagy, Daphne Yao, Wenjie Zhuang and Gustavo Arango Argoty
Acceptance ratio: 20.9%


EMSE(Journal First) Towards Reusing Hints from Past Fixes--An Exploratory Study on Thousands of Real Samples[PDF]
Hao Zhong, Na Meng
ICSME 2017 CCLearner: A Deep Learning-Based Clone Detection Approach [PDF][Software][PPT]
Liuqing Li, He Feng, Wenjie Zhuang, Na Meng, Barbara Ryder
Acceptance ratio: 27.8%
ICSME 2017 A Characterization Study of Repeated Bug Fixes [PDF][Software][PPT]
Ruru Yue, Na Meng, Qianxiang Wang
Acceptance ratio: 27.8%
ICPC 2017 How Does Execution Information Help with Information-Retrieval Based Bug Localization? [software][PPT][YouTube]
Tung Dao, Lingming Zhang, Na Meng
Acceptance ratio: 33.7%
ICSE 2017 Poster An Empirical Study on Using Hints from Past Fixes
Hao Zhong, Na Meng


USENIX ATC '16 Poster Trifest: Automated Inference for Probabilistic Systems
James Bornholt, Na Meng, Todd Mytkowicz, Kathryn S McKinley


SCAW 2015 Programming the Internet of Uncertain <T>hings
James Bornholt, Na Meng, Todd Mytkowicz, Kathryn S. McKinley
ICSE 2015 Does Automated Refactoring Obviate Systematic Editing? [Software]
Na Meng, Lisa Hua, Miryung Kim, Kathryn S. McKinley
Acceptance ratio: 18.5%

Before 2015

Dissertation (2014) Automating Program Transformations Based on Examples of Systematic Edits
Na Meng
ICSE 2014 Companion Cookbook: In Situ Code Completion using Edit recipes Learned from Examples
John Jacobellis, Na Meng, and Miryung Kim
Book Chapter (2014) Recommending Program Transformations to Automate Repetitive Software Changes
Miryung Kim, and Na Meng, on Book Recommendation Systems on Software Engineering
ICSE 2013 Lase: Locating and Applying Systematic Edits by Learning from Examples[Software]
Na Meng, Miryung Kim, and Kathryn S. McKinley
Acceptance ratio: 18.5%
ICSE 2013 Demo Lase: An Example-Based Program Transformation Tool for Locating and Applying Systematic Edits
John Jacobellis, Na Meng, and Miryung Kim
ESEC/FSE 2011 Demo Sydit: Creating and Applying a Program Transformation from an Example
Na Meng, Miryung Kim, and Kathryn S. McKinley
PLDI 2011 Systematic Editing: Generating Program Transformations from an Example[Software]
Na Meng, Miryung Kim, and Kathryn S. McKinley
Acceptance ratio: 23.3%
Na Meng, Miryung Kim, and Kathryn S. McKinley
SOSE 2008 Towards SOA-based Code Defect Analysis
Qianxiang Wang, Na Meng, Zhiyi Zhou, Jinhui Li, and Hong Mei
QSIC 2008 Short An Approach to Merge Results on Multiple Static Analysis Tools(Short Paper)
Na Meng, Qianxiang Wang, Qian Wu, and Hong Mei
QSIC 2007 A Pattern-based Constraint Description Approach for Web Services
Qianxiang Wang, Min Li, Na Meng, Yonggang Liu, and Hong Mei
COMPSAC 2006 A Visual Constraint Specifying Approach for Adaptive Software
Qianxiang Wang, Min Li, and Na Meng